Camila, the “intruder” who will occupy the throne of England: what will she look like as queen?

The story of Camila Parker Bowles It went like a fairy tale in reverse. The wicked witch, the treacherous stepmother, is about to sit on the throne with a prince happy to have her by his side. To 75 years old The Duchess of Cornwall is preparing to play the role of queen consort, after one of the most spectacular image washes into memory. ‘If the Queen is the nation’s grandmother, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is the favorite aunt,’ said the ‘Daily Mail’, the same newspaper which, like many others, vilified her this week. in the past.

His birthday was another opportunity to boost the public image of someone who lived,”an incredible transformation from a housewife to a central role in the most famous family on the planet,” as proclaimed in documentary film of more than an hour that the television channel ITV supposedly devoted to her, to discover “the real Camila behind all the pomp and circumstance”.

“If the Queen is the nation’s grandmother, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is the favorite aunt,” the ‘Daily Mail’ said this week.


Cameras captured the Duchess as she prepared the latest issue of ‘Country Life’, which has been edited in the past by other members of the Royal Family, including Prince Charles twice. The magazine defines itself as “essentially English” and for 125 years it has been the go-to publication for the landed gentry with Downton Abbey-style mansions, stables for fine horses and the go-to place for hunting parties. fox. This bucolic rural existence was Camila’s as a child, in Hall Place, Hampshire, her grandparents’ home, and her parents’ estate in East Sussex.

“I grew up there. I spent my life in the countryside. It’s something inherent in meí”, he says while visiting a country fair, stroking puppies, admiring a “very resistant” rose that bears his name, tasting locally made cider and vodka, without losing the smile or the balance A way of life he shares, he says, with Prince Charles “My husband is a country man at heart. This is where you are happiest, most relaxed, a part of your heart and soul.“.

Good atmosphere with Catalina

Photos for the special issue were taken by Catalina, wife of Prince William. The message is clearly that between the two women there is a cordial relationship amidst palace intrigue. “These are really good photos. She’s very natural, we had a great time doing them,” she says of the photoshoot, “without much hair or makeup. They are taken in the gardens of Ray Mill House, the Duchess’ country home in Wiltshire which she acquired after her divorce from Andrew Parker Bowles in the mid-1990s.

“I was tested for so long that in the end you have to find a way to live with it,” she said.

At that time, the scandal that the press baptized the ‘Camillagate’. She has become “the third person”, the intrusive in the broken marriage of Charles and Diana of Wales and in this role the British discovered her. The prince and his lover had met when they were both in their twenties and had always moved in the same circles. “It was completely inappropriate” to become the bride of the Prince of Wales, she says. Angela Lein, author of the book “From Outlaw to Future Queen Consort”. “She was divorced and not high enough on the aristocratic ladder, in addition to other things.”

Carlos clarified that his love was “non-negotiable”. The couple married in 2005 in a civil ceremony. The Church of England, of which the Prince of Wales will become supreme governor when he is king, did not allow the religious union of the two adulterers, something that the documentary hides, presented to the newlyweds as they left St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, where there was simply an act of thanksgiving. In a recent interview with Vogue magazine, Camila admitted that her position “is not easy”. “I was tested for so long that in the end you have to find a way to live with it. Nobody likes to be watched all the time and, you know, criticized.”.

discretion and sympathy

Isabella II, always pragmatic, ended up accepting a situation which gradually normalized and made it more digestible. Camila takes on many other duties within the royal family, which she exercises with discretion, humor and sympathy, which is recognized by all those who have dealt with her. This year the Queen expressed her “sincere wish” that when the time comes she will become Queen Consort, the ultimate honour. In June, the Duchess was appointed Dame Royal of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, the oldest in the UK. He was also present at the opening ceremony of Parliament, with strong constitutional symbolism, alongside the prince who represented the sovereign, whose health caused him to withdraw from almost all public acts. During the recent Platinum Jubilee, the couple presided over several of the most important celebrations.

against sexism

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Did the British accept Camila? During a debate on the TV show ‘Good Morning’, Jack Roystonthe royal correspondent of ‘Newsweek’ magazine he opined that the grudge against her lingers. “People sided with Diana, they believed she was the victim of an injustice, which drags on and is part of the negative sentiment against Carlos and Camila & rdquor;. To this day, he has recalled, only 32% of Britons think he will make a good king. “His popularity plummeted after learning of the affair”.

“It’s important to see someone at the highest level of royalty who isn’t obsessed with how they look,” says feminist Julie Bindel

Julie Bindeljournalist, feminist and Republican, does not see it that way. “The fact that a good part of the people think that Carlos will not be a good king is not due to Camila& rdquor ;, he points out. Bindel talks about “Sexism”. “We have to stop making comparisons between the conventional and beautiful Diana and someone who has been said to be a horse, disheveled. Stop talking about looks. We have to let go of this vision & rdquor;. Praise the one that the duchess, be “real”, “authentic” and one who put a lot of effort into tasks such as fight against domestic violencewhich he talks about again, this time in a rural environment, in the edition of ‘Country Life’. “It’s important for many women to see someone at the highest level of royalty who isn’t obsessed with fashion and how they look.”

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