Bitcoin Cash for $118.64 Bitcoin Cash throws our wallets to the ground! Is what is happening with Ethereum a tasteless joke? Ethereum Classic is in danger of falling!


Today, Monday 18 Lipiec 2022, we are looking at which digital currencies will earn us the most dollars in our wallet. We refer at all times to Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin Cash BCH and Ethereum Classic. What investment objective do we have today? How do you think the perfect cryptocurrency investment strategy should be? Follow us on FXMAG

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Ethereum Classic Price


Ethereum price


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Why is this happening with Bitcoin Cash prices today?

Bitcoin Cash minimum price $109.58
Capping Bitcoin Cash Price Rise $118.64
Bitcoin Cash price right now $117.88
Bitcoin Cash Session Start Price $479.36

Bitcoin Money Facts

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency and open source project that has its origins in the split of the Bitcoin network on August 1, 2017. Bitcoin Cash BCH is one of the many digital currencies that are still leaving the digital market. Bitcoin Cash BCH shows us its lowest values ​​which are of utmost importance. Bitcoin Cash BCH looks true to levels like the current $117.88. We see the top of the rise at $118.64. The minimums are those of 109.58 dollars.

Current Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency price: $117.88

Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency bull top: $118.64

Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency minimum: $109.58


Real-time chart of the Bitcoin Cash BCHUSD cryptocurrency over a 1-day period

We are finally seeing new highs in Ethereum!

Ethereum Classic minimum price $47.83
Ethereum Classic Price Rise Stop $64.6
Ethereum Classic Price Right Now $63,397
Ethereum Classic Session Start Price $9,213

Ethereum Classic Data

Ethereum Classic is an open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform that offers smart contract functionality. Ethereum Classic with its prices currently hovering around $63,397. During today, we must not lose sight of the movements that the crypto in question presents to us. We can see their prices, which today led us to prices such as the highs of today’s afternoon, but also the lows. The cryptocurrency {{Random/Ethereum Classic/ethereum classic/ethereum classic/Ethereum Classic}} upper cap is today at $64.6, while Ethereum Classic lower cap is today at 47 $.83.

Current Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency price: $63,397

The top cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic: $64.6

Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency minimum: $47.83


Real-time chart of Ethereum Classic ETCUSD cryptocurrency over a 1-day period

Are we still optimistic or expecting corrections in Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum minimum price $1,332,965
Ethereum Rising Tope Price $1494,815
Ethereum price right now $1,472,885
Ethereum Session Start Price $314,365

Ethereum Data

Ethereum is an open source platform, used to program smart contracts. The platform is decentralized unlike other blockchains. It is programmable, which means that developers can use it to create new types of decentralized applications. Ethereum cryptocurrency ETH is losing its value. What we could see a short time ago with promising prices, now presents us with a perspective that is too distant. At this time, the value of Ethereum ETH has already risen to approximately $1472,885. Recently, its prices have been between two reference prices; the maximum and the minimum. Today’s Ethereum cryptocurrency up-stop is $1,494,815, while Ethereum ETH stop today is $1,332,965.

Current Ethereum cryptocurrency price: $1472,885

The top of the rise of the Ethereum cryptocurrency: 1494 815 dollars

Ethereum cryptocurrency minimum: $1332,965


Real-time chart of the Ethereum cryptocurrency ETHUSD over a one-day period

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