Biostimulation: what is it and how does the treatment that naturally induces the production of collagen work?


Essential for firmness, elasticity and durability of our skin, the levels of this protein begin to decrease, from the age of 25, around 1.5 and 2% per year. In other words, when you hit 50, production is reduced by 30%, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.


Collagen is a protein present in the connective, bone and cartilage tissues of our body. essential to ensure firmness, elasticity and durability of our skin, our bones, our tendons, our ligaments and our cartilage, their production is unfortunately beginning to decrease, from the age of 25, by around 1.5 and 2% per year. In other words, when you reach 50, production is reduced by 30%.

To what extent and how does the fall of such an important substance for our body as collagen affect us? Many and in different ways, as many as “places” whose “functionality” depends on their presence. That’s to say, less collagen, more joint and tendon problems. That is, more injuries and pain. And, unless collagen, more wrinkled and saggy skin.

Both for one thing (bones, muscles, tendons, etc.), and for the other (skin, nails and hair), the lifestyle (diet, physical activity and rest more suitable food supplements and in the right doses) plays a decisive role. But in the second case, where our good habits do not reach us – always essential for the accounts to come out – a glimmer can be seen: biostimulation.

“Biostimulation is a new trend in the world of aesthetic medicine which consists of activation of the fibroblast, the cell responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. These two molecules are essential for tension, firmness and elasticity of the skin. Present in other structures, such as ligaments, their role is essential in preventing sag and sag at a deeper level”, explains Juan Manuel Revelles, dermatologist at the Ricart Medical Institute and at the Doctor Morales Raya Clinic (Madrid).

The plan couldn’t be more suggestive: show off younger, firmer skin, using the induction of a natural process in our body as a revulsive. But how is this achieved? Revelles enlightens us. “In aesthetic medicine processes with infiltrating techniques, we have the cyclic hydroxyapatite by Merz Aesthetics (Radiesse). It is a substance found naturally in the human bodyfor what it is biocompatible and totally degradable. This molecule provides a Double stimulating effect of collagen on the fibroblastat once by one mechanical stimulus a sofa chemical stimulus“.

To give a very graphic example, what is achieved in this way is to help our skin build a scaffolding that allows it to revoke its facade to rise again in all its splendor. “This favored redensification in the deepest layers will increase skin tone, firmness and elasticity (without volumes or artifice), favoring other more superficial functions that improve texture (smoother, more uniform and luminous skin) and the barrier function (more hydrated skin). These procedures must obviously be adapted to the individual needs of each personcan be offered from to young people seeking to prevent and/or treat the first signs of agingsuch as more mature patients who also need biostimulation at a deeper levelincluding supporting ligaments, to seek a lifting/tightening effect, a reconstitution of lost volumes”.

In case of doubt, this specialist specifies that it is “a molecule very safe and with 20 years of scientific evidence and clinical experiencewhich is very versatile, being able to adapt the different dilutions and techniques to be able to adapt it to the needs of each patient according to their age and state of aging, both in the face and in the body (neck, décolleté, back of the hands ), and also for different dermatological pathologies such as acne scars or stretch marks”.

Absolutely painless and without sequelae (such as a slight swelling of the treated area which disappears after a few days), the effects of biostimulation, since it is a method that induces our body to induce collagen, are not not noticeable in a normal and immediate way. , but these become visible three or four months after applicationtime it takes for the skin to consolidate its new structure, and they last more than a year.

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