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This July 19, “As Dusk Fall” premieres, an interactive drama developed by Interior/Night which land on Xbox consoles and computers through Gamepass and stores like Steam.

In this title, players will explore the lives and dramas of two families, whose fates are linked by an accident and a failed theft. On one side are the Walkers, a family of grandfather, father, mother, and daughter, who are heading to Missouri to start a new life.

On the other side, the Holts, three brothers who try to get their family out of the debts that drown them by a “millionaire” theft, which does not materialize and ends in a hostage taking.

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But this is only the beginning of a story that spans 30 years, in which players will have to make decisions that will greatly affect the course of the game.

This interactive drama features real actors, which were rendered in a graphic novel-like art style and animated in a 2.5D style.

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It shines in its multiplayer mode

As dusk falls

Pictured is the adult version of Zoe Walker, who survived the Holts’ kidnapping.

Although it can be played solo, This title is designed to be enjoyed in company. Either locally, online or mixed.

And “As Dusk Fall”, up to eight people can log in to vote for answers and actions What every player should do. Aware that not all of its players have so many home controls, this title has a companion app that people can connect with and interact with in-game.

It’s not just about deciding whether to say this or that or look one way or the other. In high-tension moments, such as being physically confronted with someone, players must take turns performing certain on-screen actions quickly, such as swiping, tapping, or spinning. If one of the participants fails, the action may have a negative result.

On the other hand, it must be said that democracy is not always the rule. Each player has a number of opportunities to overrule their team’s decision and have the final say, without the possibility of appeal, on what should be done.

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At the end of each chapter, the game will show participants the story map they have traveled through the two families. Additionally, it will tell each of the players which values ​​were revealed based on their votes.

On the other hand, there is also a “streamer” mode, which allows content creators on Twitch to bring the experience to their audience. Here, viewers will be able to vote for their favorite decisions via chat.

A game that is not suitable for all audiences

“As Dusk Fall” has an ESRB “Mature +17” rating, as it includes content related to intense violence, family conflict, mental health, among others. Also, keep in mind that this story deals with extreme situations that could end in tragedy, such as murders and suicides.

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