apps know a lot more about us

All apps collect information about both the user and their smartphone. Sometimes they only have to do with the name or your location, although sometimes they also access your messages or images, as well as your search history to provide a more personalized experience.

Google Play security at risk

Before downloading a new application, it is important to know which sections of the device it wants to access, because it is the only possible way know the degree of security and confidentiality It offers. This is now much more complex to understand since the Mountain View company has implemented the new system called “Data Security”.

The purpose of this new measure is that application developers must include information stored by your programs and even report if it is shared with third parties. At first glance, this may seem like a step forward, although Google has also removed the list of app permissions from the Play Store. This means that it is impossible to consult this aspect in advance.

It should be noted that this modification was not announced directly by the American company, but rather was the informant Mishaal Rahman who announced the change.

It is important to indicate that the permission list was automatically generated by the Google Play Store and it was not very clear why this information was needed. Everything seems to indicate that with the arrival of the new system doubts could somehow disappear.

how does this system work

The appearance of this so-called “Data Security” function has generated many unknowns among users, who have been able to see your private information at risk. This is intended to be much clearer, since developers have a tool at their disposal to explain in detail why certain data is necessary.

However, since this information must be written and provided by the developers themselves, it is possible that does not show it completely or it’s not entirely accurate and it’s something that Google Play Protect cannot control. It would be easier if the user had the new option and the list of permissions, although for some reason the brand decided to eradicate the latter.

Free apps

The community hopes that this won’t become a long-term problem, because there are developers who will try to cheat the system to hide data collection programs. A matter of great importance to users.

For its part, Google warns that if the data security tab is not complete and accurate, applications will be removed from the Play Store or their updates will be blocked. It’s unclear how well the company will detect it, so it’s just a matter of hoping Android stays intact.

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