Analysis of The Lost Illusions on Blu-Ray

the lost illusions arrives in Blu-Ray format in the Spanish domestic market by the hand of countercurrent.

The Lost Illusions trailer and synopsis

Lost Illusions Trailer – Against the Tide

Lucien is an unknown young poet from 19th century France. He harbors great hopes and wants to forge his destiny. He left the family printing house in his home town to try his luck in Paris. He is soon abandoned and will have to fend for himself. In this fabulous city, the young man will discover behind the scenes of this world dedicated to the law of money and false appearances. A human comedy where everything is bought or sold, literary success like the press, politics like feelings, reputations like souls. Lucien will love, suffer and survive his illusions.

A spectacular adaptation of the famous homonymous classic of French literature by Honoré de Balzac. From the director of “Madame Marguerite”. With Benjamin Voisin (“Summer 85”), Cécile de France (“Sortez-moi de mes Doubts”), Vincent Lacoste (“Live Fast, Love Slow”), Xavier Dolan (“Maman”) and Oscar nominee Gérard Depardieu (” Cyrano de Bergerac”).

Review of the lost illusions

Blu-Ray Features

When it premiered in Spanish theaters (February 25, 2022), the film created an optimistic consensus among critics and audiences. At the same time, in France, the film won the famous César awards, where it obtained 15 nominations and received 8 prizes. Among other things, it won the award for best film.

Now, a few months later, countercurrent releases the Blu-Ray edition of the film. The distributor himself gave us a copy to analyze it in depth:


The edition is presented in a rigid cardboard sleeve, inside of which there is a simple black box (amaray) with the official poster. The outer sleeve, which has the same image as the inner sleeve, consists of bronze and brown tones, consistent with the constant display of ostentation that occurs in the universe of the film. On the back we can find a brief synopsis, images, additional content that the disc contains and technical data.

The video file is Full-HD 1080p and the aspect ratio is 2:40.1. The languages ​​available in the audio are French and Spanish VO, being DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 audio quality. Subtitles are only available in its Spanish version.

The additional contents available on the disc are: TV Spot, a short report on his visit to the San Sebastián festival (3 minutes) and his trailer (2 minutes). The film has a duration of 149 minutes.


An excellent edition (more) by Acontracorriente

The audiovisual performance of The Lost Illusions on Blu-ray is, as usual by Contracorriente Films, with a very considerable yield. Landscapes shot in nature have a well-balanced luminosity and a lot of stability in the color range. On the other hand, the interiors, nocturnal and dark, can be seen correctly thanks to the high visibility, without losing the contrast or the intensity of the darker tones along the way.

The definition is that corresponding to the Blu-Ray format: the level of sharpness and detail is adequate. Therefore, we are faced with a very complete edition that presents technical muscles in its visual engine and is presented with a packaging well created.

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