AliExpress triples its collection points in Spain and reaches 5,000

AliExpress, market of the Alibaba Group, has tripled its network of collection points in Spain and has set a national delivery time target of two days for November 11, the day of celebration of Singles Day.

Specifically, the Chinese platform already has a network of collection points in Spain with 5,000 points between Lockers and assisted collection stores, thanks to its collaboration with Celeritas, Mondial Relay and PuntoMOX.

Since the launch of this delivery service in Spain, in the first half of 2021, AliExpress added nearly 2,000 new delivery points which, with the initial 2,700, already cover 80% of the main cities of the country.

“Out-of-home delivery not only gives our users more choice of where to pick up their order, but it also comes with a significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to home delivery,” said AliExpress sales and marketing director in Europe, Gary Topp.

These collection points materialize the platform’s commitment to a more efficient shopping experience, which translates into more flexible and ecological options for consumers. In addition, delivery to collection points assumes a a lower failure rate and a noticeable reduction in lead times, as it also decreases the time that orders stay in warehouses.

Thus, the company has opted for this method of delivery not only in Spain, but also in Europe. A total of 36,000 collection points are already available in Spain, France and Poland, with a target of reach 47,500 collection points in Europe by the end of the year.

Two-day deliveries

The platform has set itself the goal this year of reducing the maximum delivery time from three to two days for national orders. Thanks to improvements in the logistics infrastructure serving AliExpress, deliveries of most products purchased from local sellers are delivered free of charge within one to three days. The purpose of the platform is reduce this maximum period to two days before the end of the year.

“Improving our logistics experience for our customers remains one of our top priorities as we approach 11.11/Singles’ Day this year and we are committed to reducing delivery times from our local warehouse to two days” , Topp said.

On the other hand, AliExpress will increase the efficiency of its deliveries outside Spain in August thanks to an order “grouping” project, an option which means that any order that takes place on the same day will be managed in one delivery, that is to say that all the products will arrive at the same time and not on different days. Thus, deliveries of cross-border orders of more than ten euros can be grouped together to avoid multiple deliveries and thus reduce the logistical impact at the environmental level. In addition, this option will also offer guaranteed deliveries in ten working days.


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