Adecco is looking for 1,500 people across Spain for immediate incorporation

The booming logistics sector

There are approximately 197,000 companies related to logistics and transport with a high concentration of activity, creating almost a million jobs. In June, the number of contracts in the logistics and transport sector increased, with 109,842 new employment contracts, 1.59% more than in May. Digital transformation and new consumer habits have made the logistics sector an important engine and job generator in the country.
Add to that, transportation and storage is an economic activity that recorded 19.6% of contract costs in the country, according to the labor market demand report published a few weeks ago.

In this context, Adecco, a global leader in human resource management, has created more than 1,500 new jobs in the sector in Spain through its divisions specializing in logistics and transport. Specifically, the most in-demand talents include forklift drivers, warehouse movers, and order pickers, among others.
It’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in the logistics industry and want to grow professionally in one of the main leading companies in our country.

If we look at the geographical distribution of the 1,500 job vacancies in the logistics sector, the provinces most The jobs currently offered are Barcelona, ​​Castellón, Tarragona, Madrid and Toledo, but these jobs are spread throughout the national territory.

The functions to be covered

Staff functions facilitated by the forklift They will use the forklift to transport the products, load and unload the merchandise and its location, control and prepare the orders as well as the delivery notes, the reference points, the location of the merchandise on the shelves and other support tasks. the warehouse. .

Los Profiles selected for the freight forwarder position They will be responsible for the processes of picking and packing, tying, palletizing, wrapping, labeling and wrapping, receiving and controlling inventory of goods, loading and unloading of goods for later use. As an order picker, the role of an employee is to prepare orders, in many cases using radio frequencies, loading, unloading and positioning of goods, palletizing and wrapping. Those who wish to benefit from these benefits must have a school diploma and be able to register now. In the case of forklift drivers, it is essential to have a valid forklift license, in other positions, previous experience in similar positions, computer and communication skills will be favorably appreciated.

Temporary contracts are offered through Adecco, with the possibility of extension and integration into the company, in morning, afternoon and night rotations.. There are as many types of contracts as there are different needs for candidates. All functions will be developed taking into account a good involvement in each of the assigned tasks, promoting good teamwork and responsibility based on the care of packages.

All interested persons can consult the more than 1,500 job offers available – which will be updated and expanded in the coming days – and register for offers via the following link:

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