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With more than nine decades as a benchmark for Europe’s leading automotive brands, Morris Garage (MG), a brand born in the UK, was redesigned and relaunched in 2007 from the global values ​​and identity that saw it born, now under the umbrella of SAIC Motor in 2007, the largest group in China in its segment. This represented a new step for the brand, integrating technology, sustainability and avant-garde into each of MG’s products and services.

With a threshold where meticulous innovation focused on design, technology and performance are strategically linked to a long-term vision, MG stands out in the market and emphasizes the heritage of its quality, through cars that meet and exceed the needs of today’s drivers. and future, articulating a balance between functionality, status, safety, comfort and maximum response on different roads.

As part of the ecosystem of automotive technology pioneer SAIC Motor, MG maintains a commitment to constant renewal as well as a relentless encouragement of intelligent mobility in the industry globally. Proof of this are its recent models, which tell us of a brand that carefully thinks about each of the elements that make it up and can reformulate the experience inside and outside the wheel.

A clear example is the MG5, positioned as “the sedan that has it all”, which manages to articulate one of the highest cards between accessibility, superior spaces and the contrast of its external sobriety against the interior diversity. The perfect car for the city.

As well as this supreme architect of profitability on wheels, and also coming from the dedicated global team leading SAIC’s Advanced Design Center in London, Birmingham (former MG factory headquarters), the Morris Garage ZS is one of the most refreshing and young SUVs on the market, which does not sacrifice an iota of supreme development and the high response required by the models in its segment.

Bold, dynamic and with a high sporting spirit, the MG ZS is the perfect SUV for those who seek their freedom through dynamic and adrenaline-filled experiences in the field, as well as superior safety, entertainment at the interior, technological equipment and large-scale space. It’s not for nothing that it has been named by some expert voices as “the best compact SUV”.

For its part, the HS model, “the big sister” of the ZS, takes sportiness to a higher range, with a high technological development that makes it even safer, more efficient and above all adaptable to our way, responding either to the needs individuals of the driver and the family in specific adventures.

Actualmente MG Motor continued ostentando in the mercado el prestigio de ser una de las self-propelled houses more elegant and vanguardistas in the world since 1924. Pero hoy, through models like the MG GT and MG RX8 are también sinónimo de la adventure diferenciada integrada a our life.

Barely 20 months after entering the Mexican market, MG has accelerated its rise and gained the confidence of the automotive public with more than 35,000 units sold, projecting new models available on the market, where technology, maximum performance and a development in harmony with the environment guides the company’s leadership.

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