A journalist from ‘Socialité’ receives a surprise marriage proposal live

There are days, Mediaset has turned its most unknown workers into stars of the Salvame MediaFest, where we saw the editors, editors or cleaners of the group singing Communication. And this Sunday in socialite socialitethere was a moment in a very similar sense, in which journalist Arabella Otero experienced a marriage proposal from director Álvaro Seguro.

Arabella closes a stage in her professional career, having spent three years with a microphone in hand reporting at the last minute what was happening in the world of the heart. At one point during the broadcast, Nuria Marín, the presenter of Socialité, called her unexpectedly, obeying the orders of the management. “Come run. Arabella is on her way because I have to communicate something to her live, here on the set of socialite socialite“Advanced Marin. Once Arabella is at her side, Nuria says, “Careful. I don’t know what’s going to happen, they just told me to come.”

Then Álvaro Seguro, program director, entered the scene. who said: “Nuria, you insisted a lot on that”. Then, turning to Arabella, he said, “Come here, We’ve had two amazing years and I can’t think of a better person. Because when Ana María and Ortega leave him, other stages begin. I hope my mother doesn’t have a heart attack. Will you marry me?”.

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The couple’s excitement was more than evident and Arabella said yes to the proposal to walk down the aisle. Nuria Marín captured the emotion of the moment. “Congratulations. Jolin, how do you do that? It’s also a very special day because it’s your last day at socialite socialite“In addition, he joked on the cover of the future link, in line with what is done with the other colleagues in the chain. Without going any further, Save me covered his reporter Kike Calleja’s wedding to Raquel Abad just ten days ago. Finally, Nuria asked Arabella to say goodbye to the public, and she opted for a single: “Hasta siempre, socialiteros”.

another hand request

that same week, a TVE cameraman, who was covering the running of the bulls in San Fermín, also asked for a hand. Journalist Renata Rota handed the microphone to one of her colleagues, Pascual, who appeared smartly dressed.

“Today is a very special day for me. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who gave me the opportunity to express myself and to my family and friends, thank you. Especially and with great affection to Marta, Marta I love you, will you marry me?the cameraman asked his partner who, unbeknownst to him, was live via video call. “Of course I want to marry you!“, she shouted, before the congratulations of Julián Iantzi, Ana Prada and Teo Lázaro, responsible for presenting the running of the bulls for Spanish television.

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