4K quality and 170 euros reduction

Whether for the living room, for your bedroom or for any other room, this Samsung Smart TV with a discount of 170 euros is an excellent choice.

This Samsung Smart TV draws its price: 4K quality and 170 euros discount

Samsung It is one of the brands you can trust the most when buying a smart TV. If we add that some models are available on Amazon, it happens that you can buy large smart TVs from the company with spectacular discounts. This is the case with television Samsung TU7095 43 inches and 4K resolutionwhich can now be yours for only €319.99.

Whether for your bedroom, the living room or any other room in the house, this Smart TV provides you with very good picture and sound quality. Plus, thanks to the 43-inch size, you can comfortably place it wherever you want without needing a lot of free space. Be careful, because its recommended retail price is 490 euros, so you save a total of 170 euros if you buy it now

This Samsung TU7095 is a great option if you want watch TV, your favorite series, listen to music, play games, or catch up on Twitch streams without spending a lot of money. Next, we tell you the main features you need to know.

Samsung 43TU7095 TV

Buy the Samsung 43TU7095 Smart TV for 170 euros less

Samsung TU7095

Save 170 euros by buying this good Samsung Smart TV.

This Samsung Smart TV will look great wherever you place it, as it has a beautiful design that features very fine margins and very elegant legs. If you prefer hang it on the wall, you can do it without any problem. Wherever you are, it will offer you great image quality, you can watch your favorite series in great detail.

In the datasheet we see that the The LED screen has a size of 43 inches, 4K resolution and Crystal UHD technology. In practice, this translates to Very sharp images with vivid colors and high dynamic range (HDR10+ compatible). Whatever content you choose, you can watch it as if you were at the cinema, yes, without leaving your home. Sound quality is maintained, with a 20W speaker which also puts power and sharpness into the audio.

For just over $300 you can get a good 4K smart TV for the home.

The operating system of this Samsung Smart TV is Tizen. Maybe his name means nothing to you, but he gives you access to your favorite streaming apps, like Netflix, Prime Video and many more. Forget Chromecast from Google or Fire TV from Amazon if you buy the Samsung TU7095, because you can play your favorite series, films, documentaries and videos without depending on any external device.

Be careful, because its smart features don’t stop there. This Smart TV comes with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use both voice assistants to control how they work. For example, you can say “Alexa, open Netflix” and it will run it without you having to press a single button. It is also complete in terms of connectivity, with two HDMI ports, one USB port, WiFi 4 and digital audio output, among other options.

Samsung 43TU7095 TV

As we say, this 43-inch Samsung TU7095 smart TV is a good option for watching TV, catching up on your pending series and also playing games, well has an exclusive “gaming” mode. Son 170 euros discount on the ones you currently have on Amazondon’t pass them up and get it before the price goes up.

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