4 apps to learn English and not die trying

Learning English is one of the activities that can make the most of it. It is an essential language in the business world. In addition, it is very comfortable to be able to hold a conversation and feel an English text while traveling. Today we present to you 4 apps to consider for learning English and that these are good suggestions for improving your language skills.

4 apps to learn English


It is one of the apps that has won the most integers lately. It mainly focuses on practicality, altogether for those who study the mechanics needed to be able to operate quickly. To do this, it uses the most used words in everyday life. It uses the most popular expressions that you can find on the street, as well as in series or movies. In fact, he relies on them to make teaching much more enjoyable. It has in its favor that it is very pleasant to use and that it is free.

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We are perhaps facing one of the most popular language learning applications that exist on the Internet. Duolingo has earned this right on its own, because it offers a lot of possibilities and a very interesting teaching method. He not only cares that you can carry on a conversation properly, but that teaches you spelling and grammar, as well as to construct a written text. It evaluates your progress on a daily basis and rewards you, which is an important incentive.

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English is a language that offers many possibilities. To achieve the best competition, this application offers us real authentic conversation videos, as well as film and series scenes. This is intended to provide those learning the mechanics of realistic communication, the one you get on the street. It is very well valued and has more and more downloads.

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The ELSA proposal is ideal for those who wish to take short courses, aimed at solving the communication skills and which offers nothing more and nothing less than the use of artificial intelligence like. Improvement System An app that leaves a good taste in your mouth and makes learning English one more task you can do this summer.

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Alternatives to apps in English

All these applications are characterized by being pleasant, easy to use and that you can use them when you need them. Having them on mobile makes it easy to use any idle time of day to improve your level of English. In any case, if you do not want to use these applications or want to go further, there are interesting alternatives.

You like cities, appointments are organized around a coffee, or the drink of your choice, in which English speakers propose to discuss with you. Usually does not generally act as a financial intermediary, and if so, it is in small quantities. Coming face to face with a native who knows how to understand your concerns is also an ideal way to lose the fear of speaking.

If you search for social networks like Twitter, you can find people ready to offer their knowledge so that you can improve your English. In this case, they are courses by video call and they generally have a very high efficiency.

Being able to devote one or two hours a week to conversation, even if you don’t have enough skills, is a very important incentive. This summer you can enjoy the weather with these few of these 4 apps to learn English. At the end of the year, you have surely improved enormously in your competition.

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