Why a Nintendo Switch Pro is more likely than a new Nintendo console

Everything seems to indicate that Nintendo Switch has a few years ahead of it, but the question is how it will do it and when its successor will arrive. Can we expect a more powerful version? I have thought about the question and you have everything I think about it here.

It sounds like a sentence, but it feels like yesterday when I premiered my brand new nintendo switch. However, they passed five years Starting from! Nintendo’s hybrid console has given us great moments thanks to a catalog that continues to grow. Without going any further, this year 2022 arrives well stocked with novelties such as Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Splaton 3, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope or most recent Bayonet 3 to name a few. With this panorama, there are reasons to be satisfied with the console, which moreover continues to grow in sales, with an enviable health that is currently reflected in more than 100 million consoles sold.

However, during Nintendo’s press conferences already starting to ask questions about a future successor. It’s normal. The Japanese company is able to excite us with its games, but above all with its Material, because it is out of the ordinary. The revolutionary controller nesthe portability of game boythe power of nintendo64the curious design of gamecubethe surprising dual screen of Nintendo DSthe innovative control of Wii… All Japanese consoles surprised us for one reason or another. The question is whether it is in their plans to withdraw in the short term a new version of Switch or bet directly on a successor. I’ve been talking about these things for a few days, and here’s what I think.

I don’t think the hybrid concept will be abandoned

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Often when thinking about a new console, a good exercise is to put yourself in the company’s shoes and think about what you would do if you were its president and had to keep it running smoothly. With a console as successful as the Switch, the safest thing to do would be to continue to trust its approach, which in this case would have to do with its hybrid approach between laptop and desktop computer. Merging the best of Nintendo’s experience in both areas is what motivated the creation of a product that sold 107 million units (figures at the end of March 2022).

Nintendo Switch (OLED model): why a Nintendo Switch Pro is more likely than a new Nintendo console

Now that those in Kyoto have found the key, I would apply the same formula that worked on portable consoles: reviews! it has already happened with Nintendo Switch Lite there Nintendo Switch OLED, which served to propel sales. It is precisely for this reason that at this moment I see a more probable Nintendo Switch Pro only a successor as such, and something tells me that the “switch” effect will be stretched to the maximum. Recently, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said that the platform is in the middle of its life cycleand that means it could very well last until 2026 or even 2027.

Right now I see a Nintendo Switch Pro more likely than a successor as suchMoreover, Furukawa said something very significant: “Switch is ready to break the pattern of previous platforms.” That is to say, it is not unreasonable to think that the Nintendo Switch reaches the 10 years of life, a rather unusual figure for a video game console. And I’ll tell you something else: even if the successor arrives, in the medium term I’m betting on a “Nintendo Switch 2” or “New Nintendo Switch” with, of course, more power, but also some significant novelties in style of what the Nintendo 3DS contributed compared to the Nintendo DS. In other words, a different machine, with more power and innovations, but which retains the hybrid character that has worked so well.

I don’t see a near-term successor, but I do see another version

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) Nintendo Switch

The best demonstration that a console has a lot of life ahead of it are the releases it has scheduled, and in the case of Nintendo Switch there are not a few video games waiting for us. To start, we have Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, a title with the ability to further inflate the console’s sales figures. It’s a very important game, and I know that many users think it could coincide with the premiere of a hypothetical successor… although I don’t see it very clearly. Seems to me soon, see more How serious is the semiconductor problem?. Another game that secures the future of Nintendo Switch, at least two years from now, is Metroid Prime 4, which I’m sure will come with significant graphical advancements. In this case, I think it could be supported by a more powerful Switch (the famous Nintendo Switch Pro?).

For a successor, in my opinion, we would have to wait a bitNext we have the relevant fact that long distance video games are going to appear. We have Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, which with its updates and online mode is more than likely to have several months to live. But I see it even more clearly in the case of Splatoon 3, which will be released at the end of the summer. Nintendo won’t release a game so focused on online gaming that it’ll only be active for a year or two. Everything leads me to believe that indeed the current Nintendo Switch will still have a long lifespan, and most likely it will be backed by a review. For a successor, in my opinion, we would have to wait a little longer. Of course, it should come with such important attributes as backwards compatibility with the original Switch.

What time will this happen? How will this be? These are the big questions to which I invite you to answer in the comments. What is clear is that Nintendo Switch users are currently enjoying one of the best platforms the company has made, and the best thing is that it still has a lot to prove.

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