Which cloud storage service offers more space and price

Although there are other services that allow us to store more data, we must bear in mind that the “Business” version allows us to configure in detail both the storage space and the transfer that we are going to perform. In this case, we can configure a plan up to 10 PB of storage and with the same transfer number. It is definitely for large companies who need to store a lot of data, not for a home user or a power user who needs a lot of storage space.

As you can see, the monthly price is really high, but you have to take into account the huge amount of storage available.


This service is also very popular among advanced users and system administrators because it works very well. In the personal plan for backup copies, we will have to pay 70 dollars per year, and in principle we would not have any storage space limit, but we can only use it from a computer and c is for backup copies with cloud synchronization.

He also has other plans which you can see below:

  • Business Plan: If you’re going to store data from servers, NAS, or Veeam, the price is $5 per month for every 1TB of data we want to contract. The first 10 GB are completely free for the purpose of testing the service.
  • Cloud Storage: In this case, the price is $5 for every 1TB of storage and $0.01 for every 1GB we need to download. This plan is similar to Amazon S3, Azure or Google Cloud i.e. Enterprise plans.

As you have seen, Backblaze is a really interesting option to save backup copies and also store a backup of our servers or NAS.

Google One or Drive

The maximum storage size that Google One allows us is 30 TB of storage for 150 euros per month. Although usually a home user does not need so much storage, and with the 2TB version it is enough, we have up to 30TB of storage at the most.

Of course, in the Google One plan, we have the possibility to share this storage space with up to 5 people, in addition, we have the VPN service.

Amazon Reader

Amazon Drive or also known as Amazon Photos is a cloud storage that allows us to save our photos and videos. If we are photography and video professionals, we are sure that you will love this service, since it will allow us to store up to 30 TB of data in the cloud, although it is not cheap, since we will have to pay €3,000 per year for the service.

As you can see, Amazon Drive is clearly more expensive than Google One at equal storage, and it’s almost double that.


Service pCloud It is very interesting because it allows us to buy a hard disk in the cloud, that is, we will only have to pay once for the storage space, it is not a monthly or annual payment. They recently added the ability to have up to 10TB of storage for only €990, however, if you already had a previous plan of 2TB or 4TB, this new space will be added to the previous one, so we could have up to ‘to 12 TB and even 14 TB of storage.

Although the initial outlay is quite large, over time it becomes much better than any monthly or yearly subscription service.

drop box

The popular Dropbox service allows us to have up to 3TB of storage in its professional version for individual users, the price is around €16.5 per month and it has the typical features that you all know.

Dropbox also has plans for companies, in this case we can buy as much space as we need. In the corporate version, we must contact them to make us a personalized offer with our needs.

As you can see, Dropbox also offers higher than usual plans, but we don’t know the prices unless we contact them.

Microsoft 365

In Microsoft’s case, we have up to 6TB of storage (1TB per person) in the Microsoft 365 Family account. Here it includes Office and other services, in case you only want storage with OneDrive, the price is €20 for 100 GB only.

As you can see, we have several storage services that will provide us with ample space in the Cloud. Depending on our needs and complementary services, we can choose one option or another.

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