What to do if the internet starts going bad when connecting a device

This can be something unique, for example if a device starts updating and downloading a lot of data, but also something more common, for example a device that creates an automatic backup each time it connects or starts syncing files with another device on the network.

have malware

Of course, another reason may be that this device has a malware. If, for example, we connect a computer and see that the Internet connection begins to deteriorate, it could be that this PC has a virus and is consuming a lot of resources without our realizing it. We could be in major trouble because it could mean that a hacker is using the connection and putting our privacy at risk.

This should always be checked. If it’s a computer, you can see which processes are consuming the connection at any time. As soon as you spot something suspicious, you can search for any possible issues. A good idea is use anti-virus and perform analysis to detect threats. For example, Windows Defender, Avast or Bitdefender are interesting options.

However, although this problem is more common on computers, it can also affect mobile devices. You should always maintain security, keep everything up to date and thus prevent malware from compromising the security of the devices we have connected as well as the proper functioning of the connection.

Best internet security measure

Hardware problem

Another issue to keep in mind is that there may be a hardware issue. If while connecting a device, you find that the Wi-Fi starts to go bad in the rest, that device may be down. Be careful, this normally happens when you connect it via network cable. This could prevent it from being connected this way to the router and cause it to shut down or malfunction.

If for example a Port Ethernet the router has a fault and you connect a computer to it, it may cause the connection to drop. This will not only affect the device we connect, but also any other device connected to this network. It could also cause errors for those connecting to the wireless router.

In addition, it may be due to overheating. If the router overheats, what it does to protect its components is shut down and stop working properly. If there is a fault at the hardware level, it could cause overheating and cause problems for other devices.

Subtract repeater power

Maybe the problem occurs when you connect a device to a certain hotspot. If for example you use a Wi-Fi repeater or a PLC to connect to the network, it is possible that when you connect something to one of these devices, it starts to go wrong. This is so because sometimes they are very limited and do not work well when we connect more than one device. It’s not normal, but there are economic models that quickly start to slip.

This is accentuated when we make intensive use of this device. For example, a computer that we connect to a repeater and start downloading files, watching streaming videos or anything that can consume more than necessary and put the operation of this repeater that we are using in difficulty.

To prevent this from happening, it is better to use a Wi-Fi booster, PLC or Mesh system that is guaranteed, has good bandwidth and is not easily limited as soon as we connect a device.


Another problem to keep in mind is that the device we are connecting could generate interference. This may prevent Wi-Fi from working properly on other computers. When can this happen? Think, for example, of a television that you connect via Wi-Fi. Perhaps you have a computer right next to you that also connects wirelessly. When you turn on this PC, being next to the TV may cause interference and prevent the network from working properly.

Keep in mind that you can use both the 5GHz band and the 2.4GHz band, it’s the latter that usually has more interference issues, especially when a lot of devices are connected or you have something nearby that can cause problems, such as a microwave. or a device that uses Bluetooth, since both cases operate in a close frequency.

If you are having this problem, our advice is to try connecting to the 5 GHz band whenever possible. Also, it’s a good idea to separate the devices and never have them close together to avoid possible interference that might occur.

Differences between 2.4 and 5 GHz


In short, as you have seen, it is possible that the connection of a certain device to the network affects the rest of the connected devices. This can happen for different reasons, such as interference, hardware failure, excessive bandwidth usage, or even malware.

To avoid problems of this type, it is good to keep the devices in good condition, always up to date and protected. This will protect the software, but also ensure that the hardware is in good condition to be able to access the network without interruption.

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