What is the difference between melanoma and carcinoma, its prevention and treatment

Summer means sunshine, lots of sunshine, whether on the beach or in the mountains. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the main cause of the appearance of melanomas. (the most aggressive type of skin cancer, responsible for 65% of skin cancer deaths worldwide) and other types of skin cancer, which account for approximately 50% of all tumors diagnosed each year in the world.

Carcinomas appear as a lump on the skin that increases in size and that, if not detected in time, it may produce serious mutilation or scarring in the patient when removed. “However, we can say that this type of cancer is unlikely to cause the death of the patient.”

On another sideMelanoma is skin cancer that occurs in a mole or freckle that grows, changes color or appearance, and bleeds. “In this case, if not detected and removed in time, it could lead to patient mortality in a frequency of up to 50% in 5 years.”

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