What is it for and which one to use?

    Many machines in our daily life such as a computer, a mobile phone or our car generate heat with their operation, and for this reason It is essential that they have good cooling, because in the long term or in extreme cases, shortly after use, these high temperatures can lead to deterioration and breakdown of the mechanics. – here we give you some tips for driving in the heat-.

    This is why motors usually have a cooling system. At the time, as with the 911, it was even done by air, but the most common is to have liquid cooling. It is for all this that the coolant is one of the most essential parts of our cara chemical compound that, thanks to its properties, allows either to work at figures below zero or at more than 140ยบ, maintain the temperature of the mechanics at a distance by circulating in the thermal circuit of the motor to absorb the heat resulting from its operation and thus avoid overheating which, in addition to reducing its performance, can cause a breakdown, but also protect from frost -In fact a faulty cooling system is one of the most common faults in winter-, provide better heat transfer and protect against corrosion.

    How to check and refill the coolant?

    To check that we have optimal levels of coolant, especially recommended before leaving on a trip – as much as check the tires-, we will have to find the location of the cooling system filler bottle, which usually has some sort of semi-transparent plastic and a black or blue cap, although the maintenance booklet tells us so.

    Once located the outer wall of the glass will show us two marks that will reflect the maximum and minimum level between which the liquid must be. If it is just between these two marks, the level will be correct.. If it is below the minimum level, it may mean that there is a leak somewhere in the circuit and in this case the engine could overheat and seize.

    To fill it again, you will have to gradually open the lid taking into account that it is a closed circuit. Also note that the engine must be cold, otherwise high temperatures could cause the fluid level to rise above normal. Finally, all that remains is to fill the circuit with new liquid without further problems, although you can also use a funnel to avoid spills. All this shows that it is one of basic car checks what we can easily do.

    What coolant should I use?

    For our car, it is suitable always use coolant that meets the specifications recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and above all avoid mixing liquids with different components. There are different colors to differentiate them from each other, as they may have corrosion protection and different freezing and boiling points.. Also, some liquids are concentrated, so they should be mixed with 50% distilled water, never tap water.

    Pay attention to the expiry date

    In addition to looking at levels – also between things to check after returning from the beach– It is advisable to pay attention to the expiry date of the liquid, because After that, the product may lose its properties. This change normally occurs every three years or 50,000 km. In any case, if in doubt, it is advisable to consult your maintenance booklet and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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