Torremolinos lives a historic night: the last concert of Daddy Yankee in Spain

The Puro Latino gathers thousands of people at the Torremolinos fairgrounds this weekend. / PURE LATIN

El Puro Latino started yesterday with artists such as Omar Montes, Sech or Ñengo Flow and this Saturday afternoon it returns to make some 40,000 people dance in a unique event.

Torremolinos has this weekend the macro-disco that every partygoer dreams of: more than ten hours of reggaeton a day and in the open air. The Puro Latino Fest began celebrating last Friday night a frenzy that ends tonight with a historic date, the only Daddy Yankee farewell concert in Spain. It would be the last, but not the only one, until the cancellation yesterday of the Madrid Puro Reggaeton Festival, an event in which the Puerto Rican singer was going to give his penultimate concert in the country. And now Torremolinos becomes the only Spanish stage where Daddy Yankee will sing ‘La farewell’ and make more than 40,000 people twerk who don’t want to miss the historic concert.

But before that, there were and will be many artists who tread the Latin scene of Torremolinos. The Daddy Yankee Farewell preview gave a lot of itself, lasting until nearly six in the morning, starting at 7:45 p.m. which started with Lennis Rodríguez. The queues at noon anticipated a crowded night: lots of glitter and outfits that left no one indifferent. It happens at most festivals. It’s rare to see a face without decorative stickers, glitter eye paint or dresses with fringe and transparencies as if it were Coachella. For many, cowboy boots are no barrier to the summer heat. María Isabel has already said it: “Rather dead than simple”.

Reggaeton dresses fashionably in Torremolinos

These “outfits” accompanied an evening that began to dance with songs by the Dominican Lennis Rodríguez such as “Cucu” or “Te sale” under the sun. The smoke from the Sierra de Mijas fire appeared on the mountainside, the singer remembered the news: “We are with you”, shouted Lennis Rodríguez during one of his breaks. In the public, fans and sunglasses were the perfect accessories during this first concert to dance and move the hips to the ground. After the first round of dances, the flamenco touch of Lérica made Puro Latino of Torremolinos raise the palms. At 9:45 p.m., the festival hall is already filling up: Omar Montes, one of the most anticipated of the evening, is about to go on stage. He left a few minutes late to start his concert with ‘Como el agua’, which did not generate much dancing atmosphere among the fans.

Mobiles on it to immortalize the moment of the party. Although with Omar Montes he begins to liven up after a few songs, with ‘Rakata’, ‘Alocao’ or ‘Solo’. This last song is a collaboration with Ana Mena, from Estepona, with whom he has several featured songs. The concert was coming to an end: “Let me have the last song”, announces Omar Montes before singing the song “La blonde” with glasses decorated with sequins and her name thrown at her from the public: “Fortunately you don’t have not given me in the eye”, warned the artist.

Pure energy with ‘El Peluche’ and Lunay

And a reggaeton storm was about to brew with Panamanian Sech ‘El Peluche’. The dance corps appeared in yellow raincoats and umbrellas of the same color as a storm was seen on the screen over the sea. When Sech took the stage, madness was unleashed. On the head, a hat – as if it were the month of December – and a Balenciaga raincoat as a garment. ‘El Peluche’ would be hot but he didn’t care, he went to Puro Latino in Torremolinos with ‘Se le ve’: “Welcome to the world of ‘bellaqueo’. Welcome to the party, lots of ‘malianteo’, lots of mari,” he sang with the audience with his arms raised.

Lunay’s energy spilled over onto the stage. At 21, the Puerto Rican drove the Puro Latino audience crazy with songs like ‘Ella’, ‘Curiosidad’ or ‘Soltera’. “What she wants is to fuck, to hesitate… Alone to break the discotheque, what she wants is to fuck, to hesitate… To go down to the bottom, to go down to the bottom without s ‘Stop. And being single is trendy, that’s why she doesn’t fall in love”, sang the fans and those who could dance to the ground, because those who occupied the first rows of each section (platinum, gold and general) were almost unable to move to fight for the spot closest to the stage.

In the food stall area, people were passing by all the time. Many, desperate for the time to come so they can eat something and regain their strength. “I’ve been here for 50 minutes,” commented one of the young women queuing. Near this area was the resting space that many had improvised: the tables and chairs for eating were filled with people replenishing their strength, but those who found themselves without this privileged place at the time did not hesitate to sit down on the asphalt of the Champ de Foire. Some even seemed to be taking a nap.

Waiting for Ñengo Flow

On stage was heard Thunder, the 20-year-old Argentinian rapper who gave Puro Latino the most ‘trapera’ date of the night. One of the stars of the evening had to wait more than twenty minutes: Ñengo Flow had an appointment with the stage in Torremolinos at 2:45 am and it was not until around 3:10 am that he went on stage. Until 3:47 in the morning, when he said goodbye to the public. During the concert, the Colombian never stopped interacting with his audience: “Are we active or not? or “Where are the single women?” were some of his most uttered phrases along with his motto, “Real G 4 Life”.

After finishing, a flood of people left the fairgrounds in this first meeting of the weekend. But on stage, the party continued with José de las Heras, the DJ who played the music for those who refused to end the party. A celebration that will continue this Saturday evening with the moment that will make history in Torremolinos with the last concert of Daddy Yankee. Although there is also much more to celebrate before and after this show with Gente de Zona, Mme Nina, Brytiago, Nio García, Bad Gyal, Natti Natasha and Eladio Carrión. Torremolinos’ Puro Latino still has hours of gasoline and perreo left on the ground.

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