Top 3 fruits for bodybuilders

If you are a bodybuilder, you should know which are the best fruits to include in your diet, thus trying to optimize the antioxidant effect and prevent pathologies.

Top 3 fruits for bodybuilders

Last update: July 17, 2022

It is important to know which are the best fruits for bodybuilders, which will increase muscle gains and optimize nutritional intake. We’re talking about a segment of athletes who typically need very high amounts of protein and energy to compensate for the wear and tear of intense strength training.

Before starting, it should be clarified that bodybuilders often look for a certain physique, pushing the body to the extreme. Not all strategies implemented in this context are considered sound. For this reason, many of them should not be extrapolated to people who engage in other types of physical activity or seek to prevent disease.

The best fruits for bodybuilders

Next, we are going to comment on what are the best fruits to include in bodybuilders diet. It is important to introduce them as part of a sufficient protein and energy diet, otherwise good results will not be obtained in the medium term.


There are many doubts about how many calories a banana contains.

Bananas are a very good source of calories and carbohydrates. It also contains potassium, an element that He demonstrated help lower blood pressure. This is particularly decisive in bodybuilders, because sometimes the pharmacology they use can reach several levels of blood pressure. In this case there would be a cardiovascular risk, so it is something to take into account.

The bone carbohydrates brought by the banana gradually passes into the blood. For this reason, it does not generate significant alterations in glucose and does not harm metabolic health in the medium term. They represent an excellent strategy to support intense training with a high volume of exercises. This will avoid losing performance as the session progresses, a decisive element in maximizing hypertrophy.


For bodybuilders it makes a difference to consume good quality fats. They also need a significant dose of vitamin E. According to a study published in the journal The life of the IUBMB, this element acts as a powerful antioxidant. Both nutrients are found in the avocado, making it a very suitable fruit to include in the diet.

Besides, we are talking about an energy-dense product. This will help get the calories necessary on a daily basis and therefore promote the process of gaining muscle mass. Many times it is difficult to ensure a high energy intake in the diet, so it is necessary to highlight the presence of foods that contain a good handful.


The last representative of important fruits for bodybuilders are blueberries. The most remarkable thing about these fruits of the forest are the anthocyanins that are concentrated inside. We are talking about a series of phytochemicals which manage to neutralize the formation of free radicals and their subsequent accumulation in the tissues of the body. Firstly, This effect is linked to a lower risk of developing complex pathologies.

Likewise, we are talking about a mechanism that manages to favor recovery at the muscular level, especially after very intense work. In this way, it will be possible to support sessions with a lot of volume and reduce the incidence of muscle-type injuries in subsequent events. The contribution of phytochemicals and vitamins C and E will be the key.

Include in the diet of bodybuilders the best fruits

As you have seen, there are a number of fruits that are best to include in the bodybuilders diet. They must appear regularly in the program to reap the benefits and achieve peak performance training. In addition, optimizing protein and energy consumption will be decisive in order to acquire quality muscle mass.

Finally, it should be noted that many famous bodybuilders take drugs to increase the amount of lean tissue. You have to be very careful with this as they are not without side effects. It is always best to avoid such products and try to trigger natural mechanisms to promote enlargement within normal limits. Otherwise, health may be negatively affected over the years.

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