Tito puts Oviedo’s dream within reach: Enrich, Bastón and Borja

Pachuca is making leaps and bounds in his first days at the helm of the Oviedo project. The blue club want the attacking zone to be defined well before the start of the season and have completed two strategic moves. The first, something that was already expected, the culmination of the renewal of Borja Sánchez. There is already a scribble on the paper: the Oviedo player signed his new contract with Oviedo yesterday at the Tartiere premises after weeks of tense waiting.

Oviedo reaches an agreement with Enrich and binds Borja

The second movement is the signing of Sergi Enrich, the striker wanted by Jon Pérez Bolo, who already has an agreement in principle with the blue club after an acceleration of negotiations by Tito Blanco in recent days.

If all goes well, the 32-year-old striker from Menorca will sign his contract in the coming days and could train with Oviedo next week. In the blue club, they are extremely cautious about the ram, in case a twist in the scenario disturbs the operation, but they are already looking forward to it in El Requexón. These aren’t the only moves, as there are more signings on the way that could be unlocked this week.

At the moment and in the absence of new faces, while LA NUEVA ESPAÑA was moving forward, it is certain that Oviedo will be able to continue enjoying Borja Sánchez at least until 2025. The man from Oviedo has given the “yes ” to continue in blue last Tuesday , precisely the day that announced the sale of Oviedo to Pachuca. The club and the player’s representatives, with agent Juan Mata moved to Oviedo, have clarified the details in recent days and yesterday the signing of the contract took place. The ’10’, in fact, was the image of Oviedo’s new subscriber campaign, thus making its continuity clear for the club, despite the fact that the announcement is not yet official.

The 26-year-old youth team player has rejected top financial offers to continue at Oviedo, the club of his life. Girona, from the first division, have been the team that has bid the most for his services in recent weeks. Míchel, the coach, personally called the striker to try to convince him. There was no way. Borja has always been clear about his priority, even ignoring the advice of the people he trusted the most, who advised him to leave Oviedo. Despite the club always acknowledging they were late for the operation, Oviedo, with Tito at the helm, scored a fine goal in his first market at the helm of the sports area.

In Mexico, while the leaders of Pachuca are already working on the development of Oviedo, the renewal of the project’s key player is also celebrated. Jesús Martínez, owner of Pachuca, and Martín Peláez, the new president, were in constant contact with Tito and participated in the closing of the extension of the contract, which had already been put on track by Arturo Elías, the former blue shareholder maximum with Carso.

With Borja tied up, the next to land will be Sergi Enrich, who has confirmed his arrival at the blue club. Enrich had already moved to his closest surroundings weeks ago that he had been tempted by the option of Oviedo, unless a workable offer from the First Division arrived.

The striker decided not to wait any longer and Bolo’s insistence did the rest to tip the balance in favor of Oviedo and convince the former Ponferradina player. Enrich scored six goals during the course at Ponferradina de Bolo. The striker arrived in El Toralín after six consecutive seasons in the first division at Eibar, where he scored 34 goals and teamed up with Bastón.

The striker would then be the dream: Bastón and Enrich as auctioneers and Borja Sánchez as creator. If the Madrid striker does not leave on the market (he has suitors), the club considers that he will have formed a promising attack and that the tactical possibilities are also multiplied for Bolo, who intends to place Borja as a midfielder rather than on the left wing.

Oviedo does not stop at the “yes” of Enrich and the revival of Borja. Tito hopes to be able to sign several more footballers in the coming weeks. It is estimated that there would be three: a midfielder, a winger and probably another defender. There are several players under consideration and Mexico will have a lot to say in the signings. Jesús Martínez already said during the transfer of powers that one possibility would be to sign foreign players. We’ll see. At the moment, and this is not little, Borja Sánchez is already signed and Enrich, on the way.

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