Three gestures that your Xiaomi hides and that will make your daily life easier

The MIUI gestures that your Xiaomi hides are an effective tool for make everyday life easier. Just being able to perform any task a little faster and with more comfort is something to be thankful for. For example, you can take screenshots simply by swiping three fingers on the screen or organize the office of applications shaking the mobile.

However, these are not the only gestures that can be found on a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device. In fact, there are three quite interesting hidden gestures with which you can take advantage of various functions and shortcuts.

Three interesting gestures hidden in your Xiaomi

The function of MIUI gestures is to simplify various tasks and provide convenient shortcuts to access specific menu sections. Next, we mention three interesting gestures that your Xiaomi hides:

1. Activate the Google Assistant from the home button

There are many ways to access the Google Assistant on a Xiaomi. However, a somewhat misunderstood path is that of hold the home button for a few seconds. It is a gesture that can be configured from the MIUI settings menu.

Activate the google assistant with this hidden gesture of your Xiaomi

Usually this shortcut is set by default. However, if your device has disabled it, you can enable it by doing the following:

Configure access to the Google Assistant to activate it through a gesture that hides your Xiaomi

  • Go inside Settings > Additional settings > Gesture shortcuts > Button shortcuts.
  • Then press ‘Long press the home button‘.
  • Then select ‘Start the Google Assistant‘.

2. Lock camera focus and exposure with this hidden gesture from your Xiaomi

You have to take advantage of everything tips and tricks that the MIUI camera offers to take good photos. A good tip for getting a decent photo is lock focus and exposure from the camera by a hidden gesture on your Xiaomi.

Lock camera focus and exposure with this gesture that hides your Xiaomi

The gesture is very simple to perform. All you have to do is open the MIUI Camera app and press the screen for a few seconds. Immediately, the app will display a warning that focus and exposure have been locked. In addition, you will also notice a small padlock where you will have pressed.

3. Go to Bluetooth settings from control center

Do you need to make a configuration in the Bluetooth sections? Of course, you can do it from the settings menu just like anyone else. Or, you can be a complete mobile professional and access with a hidden gesture and above all unknown to your Xiaomi.

Enter Bluetooth settings with a shortcut from the control center

Of course, all roads lead to Rome, but with this little shortcut, you’ll get to Bluetooth settings much faster. How does it work exactly? Well, very simple. Simply lower the control center and hold the bluetooth button for a few seconds. This way you will have access to the settings window.

As you can see, MIUI is plagued by gestures and tricks like those we have just revealed to you. If you want to know more secrets of your Xiaomi, then follow us on our social networks to know more. You can also join the conversation via our general cat on Telegram and tell us what gestures you regularly use on your mobile.

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