Thousands of “motomamis” experience “a night to never forget” at the Rosalía concert in Valencia

“Saoko, Papi, Saoko”, shouted the thousands of “motomamis” who gathered this Saturday in the capital of Turia to enjoy “a night to never forget” of the new show by the Catalan artist, after three years of working on his album ‘Motomami’.

An orange-red moon and the sea breeze, adorned with glitter and the multicolored fans of the participants, formed the backdrop for a night full of adrenaline and movement, during which Rosalía performed a total of 32 songs without almost no rest, with sets and choreography measured to the millimeter.

From the song ‘Saoko’, with which she opened the concert, the artist reviewed songs from her new album, including ‘Candy’, ‘Bizcochito’ with a refrain “tarará, tarará”, the bachata rhythm of ‘La Fama’, the lullaby of ‘G3 N15’, the heel clicks of ‘Bulerías’, ‘Combi Versace’, ‘Diablo’, ‘Motomami’, ‘Hentai’, ‘Como un G’, ‘Chicken Terikayi’, ‘Sakura ‘, ‘Delirium of Grandeur’ or ‘CUUUUuuuuuute’.

In addition, he performed some of his best-known songs from previous works, such as ‘Malamente’, ‘De aqui no Sales’, ‘Pienso en tu mirá’, ‘Dolerme’, ‘Yo x ti, tu x mi ‘, ‘La noche yesterday evening’, ‘With height’, ‘Linda’, ‘Relation’ or ‘De Plata’.

Among the repertoire, he included a reggaeton remix -with fragments of ‘Papi Chulo’ or ‘Gasolina’-, and the version of ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd. He also unveiled, as in his previous concerts on the tour, new songs: “Isolation” and “Desspechá” (Lao a lao)”, which the public followed from memory.


“Five years ago I played in Valencia for the first time in front of 150 people. With all my heart, thank you very much to those 150 people who came to see me and thank you very much to all of you who are here today” , thanked the singer in Catalan, who He was “very happy to come to Valencia to sing and share” with the public his “dream of dedicating himself to music”.

The thousands of ‘motomamis’ followed the frantic rhythm of the concert and without exception chanted the words of the Catalan, who descended from the stage to sing with some of the lucky ones in the front row the song ‘Las noche de nuit’. “I love you,” one of the impromptu performers shouted into the microphone, to which Rosalía responded with an applauded “I love you too.”

Some of the attendees carried banners with messages such as “Travelling 309 km and queuing for 30 hours is like being a motomami”, “No way am I missing your concert” or “Rosalía, can I be your cupcake?” the artist read and commented, which made the audience laugh a lot and sparked more applause.

“I am very happy that you are here”, he repeated several times, while the public chanted “Rosalía, Rosalía”, “Motomami, Motomami” or even “Motomari, Motomari”. “It’s a night you’ll never forget,” he said.


In one of her questions to the audience, Rosalía asked them to accompany her during her song “Abcdefg”, the lyrics of which she changed to shout “V, de València”. “You are the most ‘motomami’ city I have been in,” he admitted to the Valencian public.

During the concert, the Catalan drank from a bottle of horchata, a gesture that was much celebrated and after which she made a point of adding: “Thank you for inventing this”.

After almost two hours of concert, during which Rosalía sang, danced, jumped and played piano and electric guitar, she said goodbye to her thousands of fans with a “bona nit” and her song “CUUUUuuuuuute”.

This Saturday’s concert in Valencia is the fifth leg of the “Motomami World Tour”, following performances in Almería (July 6), Seville (July 9), Granada (July 12) and Fuengirola (July 14), as part of the Marenostrum festival. Subsequently, the Catalan will travel this summer to different Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao, and her Latin American fans will be able to see her live in Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Santiago de Chile, among other destinations.

After nearly fifteen days of confirmed dates in the United States in September and October, the artist will return to Europe, where she will conclude her first world tour – 46 concerts in more than 16 countries – on December 18 at the Accor Arena in Paris. , according to reports indicates on the website of the organization of the tour.


After hours of queuing, the audience breathed “a great desire to listen to all the great songs” of the singer. There were many Valencian ‘motomamis’ (from Alcúdia, Algemesí, Alberic and Tous, among others), but also some who had traveled from León, Seville and even Hawaii.

“We really want, after passing these years of pandemic, to experience a concert as big as Rosalía’s”, said some fans, who assured that “the body needs a show and it needs Rosalía”. “Yes always: we are all ‘motomamis’, ‘motomaris’ and ‘motofreedom'”, they joked.

Other participants described Valencia as a “starting signal” for the Catalan’s tour which “gives everything” and found in front of her “a Valencian public which also gives everything”. “A brutal explosive combination” and “an assured success”, they predicted.

And there was no shortage of far-sighted “mums” who urged their daughters to put on the mask “because, among so much excitement for the return to normality, you have to be a little responsible”, and the “very excited” ‘motomamis’ which wore “Four months waiting for this moment, since the tickets came out.” “I didn’t want to miss it, I wanted to be here, because being a ‘motomami’ is about being with friends, going out, going to concerts and having fun,” she said.

Although some more critical “motomamis” can also be found: “It’s something very big for Valencia, which deserves events of this caliber and a better place to organize them. Marina Sur is a very cool place, but it does not have all the optimal conditions to do so”.

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