This security camera screws in like a light bulb and it’s cool

Surely you’ve seen a new invention before, and as soon as you see how it works, you start wondering why someone hadn’t thought of it before. Well, the product that we are going to talk about in this article left us with the same doubt in our heads. watch our house With our own installation of security cameras and alarms, it becomes cheaper and easier. However, the camwon camera makes it even easier installs like a light bulb of all life.

Someone turned on the light bulb…literally

camwon security camera

There is a lot of cameras on the market that allow us thousands of things, such as checking if our baby is crying, if the cat is destroying the sofa while we are away or even keeping an eye on someone sneaking into the house. Manufacturers are making cameras easier to install and with greater smart capabilities. However, the Chinese brand Camwon has decided to revolutionize the way of installing the cameras themselves, giving their model a E27 socket.

When we buy a surveillance camera, it usually works with a traditional socket, with a direct connection to electric current, with batteries or with PoE (Power over Ethernet). Yet it is strange that no one has ever thought of mount a camera directly on the socket in which the bulbs are mounted. This is the great attraction of Camwon E27 Bulb Wi-Fi Camera. A security camera that we can place directly on any wire that we have on the ceiling.

What are the camera features?

camwon features

The Camwon E27 Bulb Wi-Fi camera has a sensor capable of recording in Full HD resolution. It works with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks and has its own LEDs around the lens to illuminate the room we are monitoring when there is not enough light at the same time with White light like with infrared light.

On the movement side, this camera which dreamed of being a light bulb has Pan and tilt functions, which means that it can swivel completely horizontally and also tilt a little in the vertical angle so that we can explore all corners of the room. The camera also has detection sensors which we will configure to send us an alert in case we detect an intruder, as we have already seen in many other smart home security cameras.

The camera can be viewed remotely with Tuya Smart App and Yi Iot. When viewing, we can also communicate with the room two-way, because the camera is equipped with microphones and speakers. Additionally, you can place a microSD to store the recordings in case we need to consult them at some point.

The ultimate solution?

your smart bulb camera

Camwon E27 Bulb Wi-Fi Camera brought a new and very interesting idea. However, it will only be a product to consider for very “stay at home” monitoring. If we think about it coldly, we may never have seen such a product because it would be very easy for thieves to disconnect the camera. However, if our intention is to monitor our children or even our pets, this security camera will make our task easier.

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