The truth about signing Sonsoles Ónega: no Telecinco betrayal, no dirty war

The Truth About Sonsoles Ónega’s Signing: No Telecinco Betrayal, No Dirty War – Chic

As detailed The other chronicle of El MundoThis is a purely business decision.

As detailed in The Other Chronicle of El Mundo, this is a purely professional decision.
Sonsoles Ónega. | Cord press

Much has been said in recent days about the unexpected departure of Sonsoles Ónega of Telecinco after making public his signing for Antena 3 for the new television season. We talk about betrayal, dirty war, secret farewell... a series of problems that revealed the unease that his departure from Mediaset generated for having lost one of the presenters for whom he had bet the most. However, despite everything that has been said in recent hours, everything has been a purely professional decisionas detailed exclusively The other chronicle

They deny that Atresmedia went into the contest to ‘fish’ for harm, but simply made him an offer as one of the public’s most beloved presenters. The negotiations that would have taken place in 48 hours, so it would be wrong that Sonsoles has been secretly negotiating with the competition for months. The journalist made the decision to accept Atresmedia’s offer the weekend before the statement on Monday July 11.

“She also did not negotiate behind Mediaset’s back or betray anyone. It is also not true that Atresmedia went fishing for the competition to do harm, an offer was made to her, because she is l “one of the presenters most loved by the public, and she accepted. The surprise is that he was available… but that’s it, “say sources close to the presenter in said media, assuring that “Almost everything that has been published is a lie.”

His environment assures that it was very difficult for him to make the decision to leave Mediaset since this is where he has worked for 14 years: “It has been his channel for a long time, he has learned a lot there and also leaves a lot. of friends,” they add. And she regrets that they didn’t let her say goodbye to the public or her colleagues, since she was ready to continue until the end of the season. However, the reaction of Vasile, “who was delighted with her”, was not what we expected, just like that of the producer Unicorn Content, where his departure would not have pleased at all.

As the premiere of his new news program on Atresmedia arrives, Sonsoles is focused on finalizing the details of his next novel, enjoying his sons Yago and Gonzalo and relaxing for a few weeks before tackling his new stage on Antena. 3.



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