the story of ‘B Jones’, the first Spaniard to perform at Tomorrowland

  • Beatriz Martínez, better known as “B Jones”, is from Jaén and is the first Spanish woman to present at Tomorrowland

  • At 38, a single mother and a career marked by effort, the young woman has managed to reach the heights and collaborate with David Guetta and Tiesto

  • He will perform all three weekends of the event on the main stage alongside Armin Van Buuren and Afrojack

The story of Beatriz Martínez is one of effort and improvement. With her 38 years of life, she has lived almost everything, from almost hitting the streets because of economic problems, to combining the life of a DJ with motherhood. Today, after a long career marked by her talent and perseverance, the young woman, better known as “B Jones”, will become the first Spanish woman to perform at the most important electronic festival in the world, Tomorrowland.

B Jones will share the stage with Armin Van Buren and Afrojack

B Jones will share the stage with Armin Van Buren and Afrojackinstagram

Jones will be present during the three weekends of the event, from July 15 to 17, from July 22 to 24 and from July 29 to 31 in the Main Stage (main stage) of the festival which takes place each year in Brussels. This young woman is a true example of adventure and courage, since left his hometown of Jaén at the age of 15to financially help his modest family and, incidentally, to pursue his dreams.

She took her first steps in Ibiza where she moved with the little savings she had to work as a cleaner, saleswoman and more. This is where he had his first big contact with a female dj named Sarah Main in Pachá Ibiza and was excited to be able to do the same. At 19, she married on the island, had her first daughter Kiara and built her first house. This is also where he took his first DJ lessons, in addition to being self-taught, thanks to his brother-in-law who “djed” in certain places on the island.

B Jones currently lives in Ibiza

B Jones currently lives in Ibizainstagram

But everything that seemed to be going well in her life began to wane when she had to ‘run away’ to Madrid with her little girl and get away from her husband who started with excesses and aggression. In the capital, without knowing how to get around and without “a penny” He started working in public relations for some nightclubs such as Changó and Joy Slava. “I remember they offered me to be public relations at the Changó nightclub. I had to bring ten friends. I didn’t have ten friends in Madrid. I didn’t know anyone. I was working just and I was taking care of Kiara,” he said in an exclusive interview for Vanity Fair.

B Jones in Mallorca

B Jones in Mallorcainstagram

Always with “the mixes” and with the idea of ​​being a famous DJ in mind, the young woman started working on weekends and took it so seriously that when she started to climb in The world of the night” he began to organize his own parties in the capital. For the first time taking care of herself and what she really wanted, she decided that one day she would become a great DJ and for this reason she never stopped practicing and innovating making new sessions that she sent to the clubs so that they could discover her working.

As the expression says, “life takes many turns”, after many years of work he returned to Ibiza where he lives today. But before this change, she made several contacts in Madrid where she began to work more professionally with producers who helped her in her sessions and took her to other points on the Iberian map, first Pachá Tarragona and finally Pachá Ibiza, where he rubbed shoulders with the most renowned DJs in the world such as David Guetta, Tiesto, Quintino and many others.

In several interviews that the Andalusian has done with her, she has repeatedly stated that playing Tomorrowland is one of his “top 3” dreams to achieve with Pacha and Tiesto. Today, he will cross the last of the list and go down in history in the same place where the greats of electronic music, David Ghuetta, Afrojack, Skrilexx, and many others were. Although he has achieved a lot, his career is just taking off and he still has a lot to do.

“B Jones”

“In the beginning, my stage name was Baby Jones, the ‘Jones’ thing is because I’m a bit like Indiana Jones, I’m going on an adventure. The ‘B’ is because I’m call Bea“, he explained simply and clearly in an interview that he toasted to the magazine HOLA! Her name began to resonate in all the national clubs and now this young woman will represent Spain in the biggest gathering of electronic music in the world.

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