the significant place where you wish to celebrate your wedding

The countdown has already begun for the premiere of Tamara Falco: The Marquisea reality show that will tell, in detail, the life of Elizabeth Preysler’s daughter. As she herself revealed through her social media, it will be August 4th when the project of her life will finally see the light of day on Netflix, something that makes her really excited and nervous because of all the effort there. were consecrated. day after day for three months.

there are already several the details that have transpired on the content of this docuseries whose official trailer has already been seen. In it, the renowned digital platform shows small brushstrokes on what will be the last project of the Marquise de Griñón.

Tamara Falcó in the presentation of 'La marquesa' / Gtres
Tamara Falcó in the presentation of ‘La marquesa’ / Gtres

Thus, we know that in addition to introducing herself to viewers and talking about her roots, during the different chapters that make up the audiovisual production, Tamara has also He made known his great passions, such as cooking, the world of influencers or even religion.

However, what almost everyone expects is that Carlos Falcó’s daughter speaks openly and like never before about her relationship with Inigo Onievawith whom it was said that I could think of walking down the aisle after what happened in the last part of the exclusive trailer. A few seconds into the video, the screen goes black and someone is heard saying: “Tamara wants to see wedding dresses.” Without a doubt, a few words that set off all the alarms.

Íñigo Onieva and Tamara Falcó posing / Gtres
Íñigo Onieva and Tamara Falcó posing / Gtres

This is precisely what has led various media to ask the employee to the anthill for her possible marriage projects with whom she herself has defined herself as the love of her life on more than one occasion. The last to do so was the magazine Hey !who wanted to take advantage of the fact that the Marquise is in the midst of promoting her docuseries to find out the details of her possible future engagement.

And, since the chef was baptized and made her first communion at the Casa de Vacas estate in Toledo, it was the place where she dreamed of celebrating her wedding. But everything changed when he inherited the palace of El Rincón: “I made my first communion and I was baptized in Casa de Vacas, so I had imagined getting married in Casa de Vacas, but later my father inherited El Rincón when I was 15. old and the truth is that we celebrated weddings there and all that and I thought: ‘Well, if this is now my palace, then I will marry in my palace’“, he confessed.

Tamara Falco / Gtres
Tamara Falco / Gtres

In addition to being a place with a lot of charm and of great importance to her because of everything she has experienced within its historic walls, Tamara wants to get married there because in this way she avoids having to asking permission from his brother: “If I get married in mine, I won’t have to ask permission,” he joked.

However, it is something that at the moment she has not been able to speak to Íñigo, although it is of traditions and what dictates that related to weddings is that it is always celebrated in the place what the bride says. Will the businessman agree with the Marquise’s wishes?

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva / Gtres
Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva / Gtres

Tamara also dared to broach the subject of motherhood, a subject for which she has never felt any particular attraction. She’s prioritizing other things at the moment, so if she starts to feel interested in experimenting with it, she’ll make up her mind. But Tamara, time is running out.

“Motherhood as such has not been my priority in my life, so far it has not. It’s true that a woman has certain reasons for getting pregnant and that’s something I’m very aware of, but it’s not something that’s been my top priority,” said about it.

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