The moving words of Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter after the death of Paloma Navarrete

The Death of Paloma Navarrete continues to elicit many expressions of affection and sadness from many people who loved him. One of the most remarkable was that of Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter, presenters of ‘Cuarto Milenio’a program the medium collaborated on, who shared some moving words with their followers after their deaths.

“She had no doubts. Life goes on after death. That’s why, Even if her departure hurts us after twenty years of shared adventures, we know that Paloma is serene on the path to Light. Thank you for everything. We will miss you very much. And millennials too,” Jiménez said in a tweet that received more than 11,000 likes in the past few hours.

For her part, Carmen Porter also paid tribute to one of the most legendary collaborators in the history of ‘Cuarto Milenio’ to Cuatro in a more measured way, but full of emotion: “Thank you for everything. We will always love you. Fly high dove. DEP”.

We must not forget that the news Death of Paloma Navarrete It came out last Friday. The ‘Fourth Millennium’ team was responsible for confirming the death of the medium through a publication accompanied by a message of affection and appreciation for the years of work that united them. Despite the fact that they wanted to make it public, the reason for the death of the famous TV talk show host has not been explained.

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Navarrete had participated regularly and for several years in Program Four. Because of his facet as a medium, he could bring a different point of view and as a specialist to some of the cases that were analyzed week after week.

Paloma, as indicated on its website, has carried out different studies on the content to which the team of “Cuarto Milenio” has accustomed viewers. Among other branches, the famous medium knew branches as different as psychology, astrology, palmistry, numerology, kabbalah or mythology, with which he could bring different points of view on the mysteries that are treated in the space directed by Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter.

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