The most difficult Nintendo Switch games

Time to debunk the myth: the Nintendo Switch catalog also contains very difficult games. There’s been a lot of talk that with its focus on younger audiences, the hybrid console lacks challenging titles, but that perception couldn’t be further from the truth.

That’s why today we’re going to go over some of the more complicated console titles, spanning various genres such as roguelikes to platformers. Here we are!

The most difficult Nintendo Switch games

The great favorite of many, Hollow Knight is one of the best known and most important metroidvanias of recent times. With its gorgeous atmosphere, soundtrack, gameplay, and visuals, it’s one of the best titles on the entire console. And we can’t forget to talk about challenge he offers to his playerswith incredible bosses, complicated platforming sections and… better not to talk about pantheons.

With his famous suite in the spotlightwe can only hope that Team Cherry will surprise us again with another masterpiece. 2023 can’t come soon enough.

The most difficult Nintendo Switch games

The experience offered by Hades is unique, and the rewards he carries on his back are good proof of this. This charming roguelike will challenge us to escape the underworld with Zagreo, while we unlock new skills and weapons to make our games easier. We will meet charismatic characters based on Greek mythology, and we will discover the emotional story behind them.

Hades offers a unique difficulty, and all of its players have a chance to complete the challenge. Of course, good luck in your attempts to escape in high heat…

Cuphead he is one of the greatest representatives of the independent world. Many of you know the story of its development, in which its creators were forced to mortgage their house to make this game a reality. Certainly, a worthwhile effort, become a global hit.

Moreover, with its Newly released DLCare the perfect time to enter on what this title has to offer. Their bosses and levels are not to be laughed at, they will put you face to face with a rock and an anvil more than once.

Spelunky Duology brings never-before-seen frustration and challenge to Nintendo Switch, venturing into dungeons and caves that we must dominate. These roguelikes with platforming touches will challenge us in a chaotic way. Of course, prepare for many senseless deaths…

Both games were introduced on the Nintendo Switch last year, although the first of them has been available on other platforms for over a decade.

The most difficult Nintendo Switch games

Maybe one of the most famous and classic roguelikes on the list, The Binding of Isaac. This title will make us invest hours and hours in multiple games of infinite fun, trying different combinations of objects and facing grotesque enemies and bosses.

In addition, this title includes different expansions it will extend our adventure through poor Isaac’s basement (and other nightmarish scenarios).

The most difficult Nintendo Switch games

Definitely one of my personal favorites from the whole list, Celestial. This wonderful platform game will put us in the shoes of Madeline to climb the Celeste Mountain and conquer ourselves. In addition to presenting incredibly difficult levelsespecially on its B and C sides, her story of personal discovery will touch you on a very deep level.

Without a doubt, this is one of those titles that is worth giving him the opportunity for the unique experience What are you offering.

Couldn’t be a list of complicated video games not including to the father difficulty debates in video games, truth? Souls is the perfect example of climbing in difficulty and not being intimidated by any challenge, and its prominence among difficult video games comes as no surprise.

And with that, we conclude the list. Once again, we remind you that the Nintendo Switch catalog is open to all types of audience, and there are not a few games dedicated to offering us unusual challenges. Is there another hybrid console video game that you would have added? We read you in the comments!

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