The live surprise of the ‘Hueso en CADENA 100’ team to Antonio in the last program of the season – Hueso en Cadena 100

If you have been faithful during this season to ‘Bone in CHAIN ​​100’ you will have been able to verify that Antonio, the skipper of this boat, is one of those people who are easy to prank, but also to surprise and touch their hearts. This is exactly what happened this Sunday morning, in the last program before we packed our bags and could enjoy the summer. Our advertiser believed that for The perfect song we heard of some exquisite penguins who had changed the type of fish to eat and refused to eat it. In fact, we wanted to use the section to thank you for the way you have been able to lead the radio space, bringing us the best variety of music, interviews with the artists of the moment and all kinds of anecdotes, for five hours every Sunday morning without losing a moment’s sense of humor.

And yes, there have been a lot of listeners who have joined this initiative, this kind of game –you can listen to them all in the video on these lines, by pressing ‘play’-, but also Those of us who have been by his side during these months have decided to dedicate a song to him that reminds us of him.. The perfect song to describe what it is or what our partner transmits to us. Although you will also find everything in the last part of this video, we summarize it for you here, one by one.

Click Download to save Patricia Palomo – ‘Land Of Lola’ mp3 youtube com

Hello Huesi. I think to say goodbye to this season of our program I decided to dedicate this song to you from the moment you took me to see the musical of ‘Naughty boots’, that the truth is that I had a great time. And besides, spending time with you outside the mics is always a joy for the body. A big hug.

Arrate Tielve – ‘Friends Forever’ (Los Manolos)

Antonio, my friend, I wanted to dedicate this song that I think defines very well the best thing I have this season working in Hueso and with the rest of the team. It was a real pleasure. A kiss for all and I hope we will remain friends forever.

Mercedes Muñoz de la Peña – “Bad Romance” (Lady Gaga)

My Huesi de fresi, I wish you a very good holiday and, above all, thank you for allowing us to be part of this team in which we have learned so much and with which you have made Sunday mornings the most fun and pleasant. If I had to dedicate a song to you, We think of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. Because? Remember that day Ricky Merino came over and we did a “challenge”. I have very good memories of him and I wanted you to listen to this famous chorus on this show where we hit the mark in style.

Anita Guerra – “Follow the Leader” (The Soca Boys)

What a wonderful season you have given us, my friend. Yes there are things that are priceless, like creating an environment in which people, even those who are not part of the program, come to work on Sundays with a little more joy because we know there will be a good atmosphere and good vibrations not only on the airwaves, but also in the corridors. Since I know you like to dance, let’s see what you think of this perfect song I thought up for you.

Ivan Torres – ‘Familia’ (Tightrope Walker)

I did not want to say goodbye to this last program of ‘Hueso en CADENA 100’ this season without dedicating a song to Antonio which I know belongs to an artist he likes very much, like Funambulista. And also, with a title that reminds me a lot of Antonio: it’s called ‘Family’. That’s what made us feel from day onewhen I arrived at CADENA 100. They told me that I was joining the ‘Hueso en CADENA 100’ team.

Ana Rumi – ‘Slo Mo’ (Chanel)

well, bone, I must say that I am super grateful that you have given me the opportunity to grow here in this team. To be with you, which is a great team. And notice that I don’t like getting up early at all and every Sunday I do it with great pleasure, because I have a good time. So thank you for all you do, for the way you let us all shine and it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later, which always feels so much better. In effect, the song for you is ‘SloMo’, by Chanelthat every time it rings, we are already preparing the dance.

Ignatius Visiers – ‘Easy on Me’ (Adele)

Good, but let’s see… Even if I was on vacation I had to send you this audio, because it’s true that I have to thank you for this last lesson with you this season. This program. It’s been a huge year. It was a wonderful year. One of the best of my professional life and, of course, I have to dedicate this song to you. Not because he identifies with you by the letter, because you have no idea of ​​English. Not because he identifies with you for anything else, but because of the times you and I have played and sung him on this program.

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