The girl who wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps

He took us all by surprise the march of Sonsoles Ónega de Mediaset to recalibrate in the eternal rival, Atresmedia. The news was taken as a betrayal by the audiovisual group. allegedly Sonsoles Ónegaone of Telecinco’s most beloved presenters, took the case in secret and behind the backs of the two Mediaset like the producer unicorn televisionwho drives Anna Quintana and program manager it’s already noon. Faced with this situation, Telecinco was forced to anticipate Marc Caldero as host of it’s already noon, a function that is not new for him, since he was responsible for replacing the animator and screenwriter during the holiday period. From this Monday it will be Joaquin Prat in front of space.

“So far we have arrived, they remain with Informativos Telecinco. Here I take you. Goodbye”. It was the presenter’s cold farewell last Monday when she rushed her final moments on the set of it’s already noon, the magazine he has hosted for four years on Telecinco. In fact, it was not a goodbye to use. No one from the program team was aware of the journalist’s new career direction. “We didn’t know anything. He said goodbye to the program like any other day,” some of his classmates point out. it’s already noon.

The presenter, who He began his professional journey at CNN + coinciding with Queen Letiziahas been linked to Telecinco there media play since 2005. A long-term relationship that has gone through several stages, with a clear increase in its share of notoriety in the audiovisual group. In his first stage, he belonged to the news team of Fourlater worked as a parliamentary columnist for News telecinco for ten years, until Anna Quintana chose him to present it’s already noona news magazine, with varied content and which is between Ana Rosa’s program e News telecinco. He was also responsible for it’s already eight o’clocka magazine which intended to give continuity to the midday space and which was canceled a few weeks ago. He even took the plunge realities presentation of the Sunday galas of the fortified housethe substitute of Big brother in Telecinco.

The truth is, one of the most beloved faces of Mediaset programming is leaving. He hosted a program that sits on the Telecinco grid. Sonsoles Ónega is a journalist with a high degree of credibilitybeing one of the channel’s most popular professionals media game star. Companies specializing in analyzing the image of public figures, such as Personality Media, give it a high rating. For him, his departure from Mediaset is bad news for Vasile’s group, since one of his best troops enters the competition. It’s still early to say, but surely Sonsoles Ónega will play a leading role in the next season of Antena 3.

The breed comes to the greyhound. Sonsoles Ónega was clear about his future plans since childhood. She is the daughter of Fernando Ónegaa journalist with a long career and wide recognition in our country. Journalist and author of six books was born in 1977, when his father worked in the presidency of the government with Adolfo Suarez. In an interview, she herself clarified that her name was Sonsoles after the daughter of the former president, also called Sonsoles.

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