The best exercises to stay in shape in summer

Aware of the benefits of physical activity When it comes to health, more and more Spaniards are seeking professional help to carry out their sports routine. That is why, according to, the portal that brings together the supply and demand for professional work, requests for personal trainers increased by 60% last year.

However, with the arrival of summer many people decide to stop playing sports due to high temperatures and the start of vacation.The experts registered on the platform recommend not to neglect the sports routine during these months so as not to lose all that you have gained during the year. And it is that exercising regularly has multiple benefits as an improvement in physical fitness, helps to rest better, speeds up metabolism and reduces stress.


It is recommended start the training session with warm-up exercises with the aim of raising the temperature so that the muscles and joints are put into use and are ready to increase the intensity of subsequent exercises.

As for the duration, it is advisable to carry out sessions of between 30 and 45 minutes two or three days a week, always avoiding the hottest hours.

  • Aquatic activities. The best-known sports to practice in the water are Aquagym and Aqua-circuit, the perfect opportunity to improve your physical condition with the help and resistance provided by the aquatic environment. Another option, which was just introduced to the fitness world a few years ago, is the aquaboard.

  • Beach sports. Without having to touch the sea water, you can enjoy the beach by exercising on the sand. The possibilities that exist, both in groups and individually, are numerous. The most popular are beach volleyball and football, perfect for guaranteed fun and many calories burned. Another option is to do yoga on the beach which experts say improves energy with better oxygenation by breathing fresh, clean air.

  • Mountain sports. Hiking or trekking in the mountains allows you to discover new places and natural parks, as well as keep fit and take care of your health. Both of these activities help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses, Increases lower body strength and muscle mass. Another option to enjoy the mountain is to do cycle paths.

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