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It’s strange to say the least. Recently, the German media Märkische Oderzeitung discovered that Tesla may consider putting some of the first 2,000 manufactured units of the Tesla Model Y on sale. A collection of pre-series models that were not originally intended for sale but rather as a hands-on exercise in fine-tuning the assembly lines of the new gigafactory German. Let’s review everything that has happened so far.

After accumulating months of delays, the first factory of You’re here In Europe, he applied for a special permit from the German authorities to manufacture a limited number of units to fine-tune work on the assembly lines before the plant was given the green light to operate. It’s something common and not unusual that allows brands to start ovens and fix problems before production gets overloaded..

At first it was estimated that there would be 250 pre-production units of the Tesla Model Y manufactured under this special permit, but eventually the German government allowed the Americans to increase the number to 2,000 units. So far everything is normal. In March of this year, Elon Musk himself inaugurated the factory with the visit of local and state authorities. An evening of style that marked the start of the serial production of the Model Y. A production that has not stopped accelerating since.

Tesla Model Y in Berlin.
2,000 pre-series units that should have been wasted could go on sale

Currently, the Brandenburg Gigafactory is capable of manufacturing over 1,000 units per week, although soon there will be a two-week break to update the young factory. Tesla wants to speed up the pace of work, reduce manufacturing time and introduce a new shift. To do this, he must shut down plant operations for at least two weeks. 14 days during which no cars will be produced with very high customer demand.

In front of this situation Tesla officials in Europe plan to take advantage of the 2,000 pre-series units made months ago so as not to stop deliveries during the two weeks that the plant is shut down. In this way, a bottleneck would not occur and customers could receive their expected items on time. Tesla Model Y. Keep in mind, though, that these units weren’t intended for sale, and it’s odd that Tesla is now considering giving them away to customers.

According to the internal report, they would have discarded the first 100 units produced from the batch, while the rest are of “good” quality and could be “sold to end consumers”. In the industry, the presence of pre-production units is very common, but they never reach the end customers due to the possible quality and finish risks that they can entail. Tesla values ​​these units positively, however, and if it does ultimately deliver them to drivers, it is hoped that it will at least inform them of the particular features of said units.

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