Steiner criticizes Michael Andretti’s attitude and gives some advice

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About a few months ago, Michael Andretti confirmed his goal was to have his own team in motorsport’s highest category, and even said he was 100% OK with having to pay the almost 200 million euros only by settlement any builder who wants to start a project in the Formula 1 real.

However, his ambitious plans do not seem to have been welcomed with open arms by the top leaders of the category, who have so far put more obstacles than facilities to the project, to the chagrin of Michael.

Andretti already has its own team IndyCarthe Formula Ethe E extreme and the australian supercars, among other championships, so his commitment and integrity are beyond doubt. However, something still doesn’t like the direction of the Formula 1.

In the last interviews in which Michael Andretti spoke about his project linked to the highest category of motorsport, he was very critical of the leaders of F1 and, according to some experts, even went too far with certain reservations. .

Andretti logo

The logo of the Andretti Autosport structure

Gunther Steinerdirector of what is currently the only American Formula 1 team, Haas F1 Teamcriticized Michael’s attitude and explained that if he really wants to get a place to establish his own team, this is not the right path.

“I don’t know what he does with those comments, ask Michael himself. Personally, I don’t think they’re too constructive and honestly, I don’t think they’ll help him.”

“They won’t allow them to move forward with their project in any way if they continue like this, but hey, everyone makes their own decisions in life,” added the Italian.

Speaking more specifically of the preparations for Andretti to enter Formula 1, which has already filed an official application with the FIA ​​and reached an agreement with Renault to mount your engines, Steiner He added, “It’s not our job to give you the license or not. We have our opinion on that, but we don’t decide anything. We don’t know what they wrote in their application.”

The goal of Michael Andretti, who was already in talks with Sauber support the team Alfa Romeo recently, is to create its own structure and begin its journey in 2024, so to meet these deadlines, they should receive an official response in the next few months, which does not seem very close at the moment.

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