Steiner criticizes Andretti’s attitude

    Gunther Steiner has spoken about Michael Andretti’s supposed interest in having a Formula 1 team and says he doesn’t think he knows what he’s doing the right way if he really wants to break into the category.

    The value of having a Formula 1 team Michael Andretti

    It’s no secret that you are interested Michael Andretti for his entry into Formula 1. A few months ago he assured that his aim was to have a team in the highest category of motorsport and said he was 100% sure of paying the fees that a team must pay when entering in Formula 1 from scratch, which revolve around nearly 200 million euros.

    However, his plan was not received as Andretti intended by top managers in the category, posing more problems than solutions. And not only have they been the best leaders in Formula 1, but they have also the various teams did not see very good eyes the entry of one more team.

    This caused in the last statements Michael made when talking about his goalwas highly critical of Formula 1 executives and came to be seen as somewhat excessive.

    Steiner advises Andretti

    That’s why Haas Team Principal Gunther Steiner criticized Michael Andretti’s attitude with his comments, saying it’s not the right path if he really wants to get into Formula 1.

    “I don’t know what he means by those comments, asks Michael himself. Personally, I don’t think they are too constructive and honestly I don’t think they will help youSteiner said in a statement collected by Motorsport.

    They will in no way allow you to move forward in your project if you continue like this, but hey, everyone makes their own decisions in life”, said to conclude on the question the director of the American team.

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