SSD cache: what is it and what is it for

Con SSD caching you can speed up a drive secondary storage in the solid state and almost work “miracles” with it. That’s why you must learn about this software technique and it does not involve any hardware modifications or expense to improve the performance of your machine in an easy way.

What is SSD caching?


Most PCs and laptops you can buy today use solid state hard drives (SSD), but if you’re still using a machine with traditional hard drives, you can buy a modest SSD or recycle the one you no longer need (120GB or less). you can use this small hard drive as a big cache for your conventional hard drives with various software tools: Intel Rapid Storage, AMD StoreMI or software like PrimoCache.

Present on AMD and Intel platforms

Utilize AMD StoreMI oh Intel Rapid Storage, you must have a platform that supports these technologies and then install the drivers for these technologies. So you can manage from the software you install how you want to use SSD caching, what unit you want to allocate to it, etc.

On the other hand, if you opt for more generic software that does the same thing but in software, instead of being hardware accelerated, you can use PrimoCache. This software is paid, although you can download it for free to try it out.

Thanks to this, all the operations of reading and writing to disk will be faster, which results in much faster computers than traditional hard drives. It’s a simple and affordable way to upgrade computers that don’t yet have the benefits of SSDs. This method uses a wide range of applications to help you choose an installed SSD drive (or a partition on that drive) to serve as a cache.

With these applications, the files and programs you accessed more often are stored on an SSD disk, freeing up conventional hard disks. Using cache technology, the application stores information on an SSD drive to increase the performance of the entire computer. An SSD is the optimal solution for a computer’s hard drive if you have high-performance applications and large files such as videos and photos. units of Samsung, Crucial and Western Digital offer reduced performance without warning.

Final Words on SSD Caching

These tools identify your most used files, programs, and games and save them to your disk. Use SSD as Cache a hard drive is a good way to combine the speed of an SSD with the capacity of a hard drive, and today you can buy one 120 GB solid state drive for only 19.99 euros.

Ultimately, with SSD caching, there will be a lot improvements in every waynot only in reading and writing, but also in other aspects of execution that depend on the latency of these accesses.

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