Rosalía sings with a fan in Valencia and unleashes the crowd’s madness: “I love you”

Rosalía loves Spain. Spain wants Rosalía. The singer has become a worldwide phenomenon, which is not surprising, not only because of her privileged voice or her stage presence – equaled, moreover, to that of the great international divas – but also because of her human quality and of the affection that he offers to his fans. The Catalan, born in Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Barcelona), is immersed in the Motomami World Tour, the tour promoting their third studio album. Rosalía offered this Saturday in Valencia the fifth concert of her poster, an appointment in which she lived a moment with a first-rate fan, which has gone viral on social networks.

Rosalía’s first concerts in Spain leave a large number of viral moments on social networks, and even the occasional meme. The last moment of the artist occurred this Saturday. The Catalan came down from the stage to perform the song with the fans in the front row Last night nighta collaboration with Puerto Rican Bad Bunny that has become an anthem in Spanish nightclubs.

It was something in the script, actually. He has done this in all of his concerts to date. Ready to interact with her fans, Rauw Alejandro’s girlfriend came down from the stage with a cell phone that recorded the scene live on TikTok. The Catalan approached some fans in the front row and held out the microphone to help them with the lyrics of the song. Immediately, a boy grabs the object and euphorically begins to sing the words of the song, which arouses the laughter of the singer, who sings an “oleeee”.

At that precise moment, with a jerky breath, the boy shouted how much he admired his idol. “I love you!” he repeated twice. The singer, in the most natural and moving way, responded with a euphoric “me too.” A moment that has gone viral on social networks, and that the protagonist of the story, Iván Rivera, shared.

“The heaviest thing that happened to me in my life, thank you Motomami, I love you”, wrote the young man on social networks, still excited by the moment he had yesterday. “What I don’t know is how, having Rosalia so close, you were able to sing something… I would have blocked myself”, jokes a surfer on social networks. “You are a motopapi,” writes another girl. A moment that moved all Catalan fans.

Just last week, the performer of songs like Saoko oh The Versace Jumpsuit played in a most applauded moment. Rosalia was singing her song abcdefg, when fear gripped a group of fans who were in the front row during their concert in Seville. Seeing the gestures and hearing the cries of the crowd, the Catalan did not hesitate to stop singing and interrupt the concert in full live, to make sure that everything was going well with her followers. “What happened? What happened? What happened? What happened?” asked Rosalía, frightened, on stage.

At the same time, he approached the crowd and descended the steps to the stage to get a close look at what was happening. “Okay. Someone got dizzy, okay? Wait a second,” the artist said, making sure his follower was in good shape. “Okay, they’re taking care of him. They’re taking care of him, okay? The first thing is we’re okay. I mean, let me know, okay? Let me know, I I’m waiting. I love you, I want you to be well,” the Catalan said. The moment has been the protagonist of many titles and his followers have surrendered to his human quality and the love he feels for his fans.

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