Residente and Rayden achieve the second “sold out” following the return of Pirineos Sur

second day of Pyrénées Sud and second consecutive “sold out”. The return of the Huesca festival has been sounded. On Friday it was Estopa and Maruja Limón who managed to fill the Lanuza amphitheater first and last night they did the same Resident and Rayden. The 4,900 people who attended the concerts certified it as one of the most important and unmissable cultural events in the country.

Over the past seven years, Residente has performed in two of the most memorable gigs in the Southern Pyrenees. The first, in 2015 with his group Calle 13; and in 2018, the second when he returned to showcase his newly launched solo career. On his third visit, the Puerto Rican artist took the Lanuza stage with his status fully established and with the reputation of being one of the most imposing directs of the moment. He managed to make his mix of hip hop, reggaeton, rock and Latin music flowing, natural. As playful as vindictive, always with her overwhelming personality.

It all started with this sound collaboration with Bizarrap, ‘BZRP Music Sessions 49’. A song that’s more than a little errand for J Balvin, it’s a display of flow, attitude and mastery of rhyme. Then he launches successively ‘Flow HP’, ‘Atreve-te-te’ and ‘Cumbia de los borados’, to unleash madness on Lanuza. with continuous tributes to his beloved Latin America (“Latinoamérica”, “This is not America”) and lyrics full of denunciation and anger but still hope, developed a concert that could only go up, and which ended with a good part of the public in Marsh.

Already with all the machinery in motion (with a rhythmic section as percussive as it is irresistibly dancing), chose to salvage his glorious past with Calle 13. His former band’s songs are still surefire live hits. The end with ‘There is no one like you’ and ‘Let’s behave badly’ was the final touch for the performance of one of the most important artists who have gone through the whole history of Pirineos Sur.

Rayden closed the night of Residente in the Southern Pyrenees. Jaime ORIZ

This high bar has helped Rayden step onto the floating stage with more energy, wanting to continue the success he has had in recent months with his 20th anniversary tour. Straight to the point: ‘Calle de la llorería’, one of his most recognizable songs, opened the intense spectacle. Well accompanied and supported by the voice of Mediyama, he opts for a concert where hip hop and rock merge to shine the songs he has been composing for two decades.

Halfway through the concert, the first rows again jumped into the water to accompany the Madrid musician. He knows how to connect with his audience, especially the younger ones (that moving moment to the tune of ‘Making us dead’). With ‘No hay otros’ he invited Zaragoza rapper El Momo on stage in a collaboration to return to his more hip hop roots. Without lowering the revolutions, another of the most powerful moments of the night arrived with ‘Ubuntú’, continued with ‘Con el cielo en la boca’. He threw the rest in ‘La mujer cactus y el hombre globo’ and ‘Matemática de la carne’ to end his first performance in the Southern Pyrenees in style.

more music

This first weekend will end this Sunday with two bands that make merging their raison d’être. bosnians Dubiosa Collective, loaded with Balkan rhythms, hip hop, ska and rock; and the Valencians zoo, who mix electronic music with Mediterranean and Latin rhythms, turning their songs into anthems. In addition, Dj Lord Sassafras will offer one of its well-known sessions after the concerts and until 4:00 a.m., tickets for which can be purchased separately at the box office, as capacity permits.

Tickets for the concerts are available on the festival website and in ViewTickets. Prices generally vary per day between 20 and 45 euros (plus distribution costs), with the possibility of buying subscriptions for certain weekends. In any case, children under eight years old have free access, with a maximum of one child per adult.

Sunday July 17

7:00 p.m. Doors open

8:30 p.m.

22.15 Dubiosa Collective

11:45 p.m. DJ Lord Sassafras

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