Prime Day rated these earbuds a top seller, and I recommend them

The Nothing Ears (1) are amazing inside and out and are averagely priced.

Prime Day rated these earbuds a top seller, and I recommend them

Once the hangover First day, we review which were the products that conveyed the most trust to the general public and, ultimately, which garnered the most sales. In the list of best-selling headphones this week, some very striking ones have been thrown which we already analyzed a few months ago.

They are none other than Nothing Ear (1) that Amazon lowered them a while ago (not during Prime Day) and they snuck in the 4 wireless headsets with more sales this month. They have one very innovative design and excellent sound quality because of the disproportionate size of its drivers. Let’s see why you should buy them today or in the future.

Nothing Ear (1)

I recommend the Nothing Ear (1)

Auricular Nothing Ear 1

Here is one of the Nothing (1) Black Edition headphones up close // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil

The most striking thing when you see them is their design. They have an elongated body with a transparent case which reveals everything inside except its head, which is embedded in your ear. The whites are more striking. having greater color contrast. They are very light, only 4.7 grams each earbud. The tips are made of silicone and are responsible for providing us with better noise cancellation depending on how we put them on. Each earbud is encased in a composite mesh that improves water and sweat resistance (IPX4).

The battery of these Nothing Ear (1) is able to provide us up to 5-6 hours of actual use after our tests, and up to 34 hours with case load. Fast charging the case will give us up to 8 hours with only 10 minutes connected. If you disconnect the noise cancellation, the battery life could be extended up to 7 hours quietly.

The Nothing Ears (1) have an actual battery life of 5-6 hours with call and music usage.

11.6 mm wire over conductors in size, something much higher than the 5-7mm average of most wireless headphones on the market. Let us remember that the AirPods 3 They have 11mm drivers. This size allows us to receive wider sounds, as if the headphones were bigger. This helps the sounds to be richer and more natural in all directions.

Nothing Ear (1)

Technology Clear Voice and 3 built-in microphones in each earbud will make calls clearer and crisper than ever. Your interlocutors will appreciate. And with the active noise cancellationwe will effectively reduce ambient sound, although according to our tests it is not as powerful as in other models like the AirPods Pro. In any case, we pay half its price.

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