Peralada applauds Joan Manuel Serrat for his farewell tour: “We only have the future” | Catalonia

Catalan singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat performed for the last time last night at the Festival Castell de Peralada in Girona, during his farewell tour of the stage, with great public success and a concert full of emotion, memories and standing ovations. The artist started the concert with time was time and, at the end, he explained that “it’s a farewell but, above all, a celebration” that he wanted to share with the spectators, and added: “Tonight we leave melancholy and nostalgia aside because we only have the future”.

Lullaby, The furious carousel, Curro de span romance there Mrs. were the following songs, all with references and tributes to their loved ones and to the tragic situations that caused the civil war and the post-war period. They gave more than two hours of concert to also listen to their well-known songs It would be fantastic, I’ll walkthat Serrat played on the guitar, and I only think of you. After presenting the seven musicians who accompanied him last night at Peralada, the singer-songwriter embroidered Something Personal and La Tietaimmediately recognized in his first notes by the attendees, who gave Serrat a big round of applause.

The artist continued his concert with Onion lullabiesbased on the poem by Miguel Hernández, claimed by Serrat, who also publicly thanked the late Argentine-Spanish singer-songwriter and poet Alberto Cortez for gifting him the song to complete his work on poems by Hernández, that he published in 1972. for freedom This was the next theme, accompanied on the big screen on stage by works by anonymous graffiti artist Banksy. Following this song, the Israeli singer Noa, a good friend of Serrat, appeared on stage and performed the bolero Chance is capricious with guitarist Gil Dor. Serrat described Noa, with whom he has had a friendly relationship for twenty years, as an “absolutely solid and incorruptible” person, and she invited him to sing You and me, the song he wrote for Joaquín Sabina, who adapted it into Spanish and with whom he performed it several times. An emotional embrace between the two artists ended Noa’s speech, while Serrat recovered from the emotion as best he could and continued the concert alone with Cançó de matinada, Today can be a great day and Memories.

The last block of songs included Mediterranean and songswhich takes up stanzas of verse by the poet Antonio Machado, then Serrat said goodbye, but not for long, because all the public on their feet demanded the expected encores. words of love ended the Peralada concert, where he sang for the first time in 1982 and in which he performed 19 times during his career. His last tour, titled The vice of singing, 1965-2022, opened in April at the Beacon Theater in New York and over the next few months he will tour many Spanish and South American cities. The final concert is scheduled for Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on December 23 this year.

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