Mercedes Milá’s ‘zasca’ to Kiko Matamoros: “He sucks me!”

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The presenter was so blunt when asked about the former ‘Survivors 2022’ participant’s statements

Mercedes Milá didn’t beat around the bush to talk about Kiko Matamoros’ response to the lyrics he dedicated to her. The presenter was once again very frank and direct when they asked her opinion on said response in a video that ‘Socialité has collected’: “It blows me away!“.

In fact, after giving such a response to the reporter, the journalist, who received an “Olé!” almost in unison with the women who attended the recording of ‘Milá y Levy’ With this first sentence He added that he stands by what he said about the former participant of ‘survivors 2022′: All. Word for word“.

To be more exact, during his contest in ‘Survivors’, Mercedes Milá accused Kiko Matamoros of certain behaviors he had displayed during his stay in Cayos Cochinos: “I could not understand what must have happened to this man to have such a bitter character, so difficult, so negative, so necessary to conquer a slave to give meaning to his days”.

Upon his return to ‘Sálvame’, Matamoros withstood criticism that he had received during his participation in the reality show Telecinco, also responding to the words of the presenter. “It’s her opinion, I respect her, she’s a proven professional in the field. I might also say things about her that maybe changed people’s image of her.. Defense is a legitimate right”, he assured, adding a “Tips that I sell that I don’t have“.

Her career has been public and mine has been public, she can say what she wants and I might have the right to answer her and I won’t.“, said the collaborator after Jorge Javier advised him not to go and to accept criticism from Milá and other people.

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