Mercedes Milá makes her dream come true and interviews her “platonic love”

    mercedes Milá fell in love with William Levy -like many other women who yearn for his bones- And not just figuratively. Since the protagonist of the series ‘Café con aroma de mujer’ appeared in the presenter’s life, she has declared her ‘love’ and admiration for her through social networks. now finally Mercedes Milá fulfilled her dream of interviewing William Levy. After much searching and waiting, the day came and the former “Big Brother” host was able to interview his platonic love. This is how she told it herself through her social networks, where she shared a photograph with the Cuban actor.

    “It happened as I had dreamed and as the hundreds of fans of @willevy that we invite you to attend the recording of a jewel interview. And I say jewel because it meant to me”, writes the journalist very excited after having interviewed the protagonist of the Colombian novel which revolutionized our country. Mercedes says that the actor gave himself completely in the interview, which was a gift. “@zanskarproducciones, the production company where I work gave me, gave us, what we wanted the most and William Levy gave himself completely. We will see all this in @movistarplus perfectly edited by my partner @rochiflechaza“.

    His appointment took place at the Pavón Theater in Madrid and of which not a single video can be previewed but which will soon be released on Movitar+: “In the meantime, I want to thank all my colleagues who have made it possible on a hot Saharan afternoon in#Madrid, at the Pavon Theater. I will never forget your dedication and enthusiasm. We did it! Now the whole world needs to see it. 💞”.

    The journalist wanted to thank the whole team for their dedication: “My director @davidmoncasi. My Executive Producer and CEO of Zanskar @mariaruizcalzadowho is above all my dear friend who supported my enthusiasm for this being of the Universe, thank you from the bottom of my ❤‍🔥”.

    Although it is not the first contact of the presenter and the Cuban actor. On April 5, the very William Levy sent him a message to congratulate Mercedes Milá for his birthday. The presenter shared the video and her surprise reaction on her Instagram, assuring that she did not believe it and it was not for less since the actor called her “the most beautiful woman in Spain”. “I don’t know how to go on with my life,” he laughed.

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