may increase the risk of preterm birth

The bone chemical products like him bisphenol A and the phthalates who act like endocrine disruptors (affect hormonal functioning) are particularly harmful during pregnancy because they can reach the fetus and affect their development.

But it’s not easy to prove negative effects a pharmacy. Years of studies have successfully shown that the bisphenol Aa chemical found in plasticsincreases the risk of breast cancer of the Asma in women who were exposed to this chemical in the womb. Currently, there are already strict regulations regarding the use of this chemical, although it is found that Bisphenol A substitutes such as bisphenol-S (bp) and the bisphenol-F (BPF) also carry risks.

now him study The largest study on the effects of exposure to phthalates during pregnancy showed that increases the risk of premature delivery. This is why it is important that pregnant women pay particular attention to the use of beauty products oh personal hygiene products and check that they do not contain this chemical.

Phthalates in cosmetics

Phthalates are among the Chemical additives most common today. They are used to improve sustainability or the consistency of plastics, as solvents or as fixers in all kinds of products.

It is easy to find phthalates in plastic bags, bottles, toothbrushes, shower curtains, cosmetics and personal care products, medical devices… The list of products containing this chemical is very long. Therefore, phthalates are known as the chemicals that are everywhere.

The European Union has banned their use in toys, but they are still present in many other products. In cosmetics, phthalates are used to fix aroma in perfumes or creams, in nail polishes or lipsticks.

They appear as Diethyl phthalate oh Dimethyl phthalatealthough sometimes they are not indicated because the term “Perfume” is simply included.

In fact, experts like Nicolás Olea, professor of medicine at the University of Granada, who has spent more than three decades studying the effect of chemicals on health, directly advise pregnant women to do not use cosmetics.

the relationship between phthalates and prematurity

Researchers from the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences studied cases of more than 6,000 pregnant women who gave birth between 1983 there 2018 and have come to the conclusion that there is a obligation between exposure to phthalates in cosmetics and premature delivery.

They analyzed the concentrations of various phthalate metabolites in urine and observed that exposure to 4 of 11 phthalates found in pregnant women was associated with a 14-16% increased risk of having a preterm birth, meaning the baby is born three weeks or more before the scheduled date.

The strongest link was found for exposure to a phthalate commonly used in personal care products such as nail polish and cosmetics.

The researchers also used statistical models to simulate a reduction in exposure to phthalates. They found that reducing this exposure by one 50% could prevent premature births by 12%.

Premature birth can be dangerous for both the baby and the mother, so it is important to identify the risk factors that could prevent it”says Kelly Ferguson, an epidemiologist at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and author of the study.

Reduce phthalates daily

“It’s difficult completely eliminate exposure to these chemicals in everyday lifebut our results show that even small reductions in a large population could have positive impacts on mothers and their children.”says Barrett Welch, first author of the study.

The researchers advise look at product labels to avoid this chemical. They also recall that the regulations on phthalates should be stricter and that companies are committed to reducing their use.

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