Lydia Lozano reveals the real medical reason she missed camping

Lydia Lozano returned to her collaborator chair after the “Save me Mediafest” and took a step forward to clarify why she couldn’t camp with the rest of her colleagues. A problem for which he has been harshly criticized

The ‘Sálvame Medifest’ marked a before and after in the chain. Writers, cleaners, editors, production assistants and the most famous collaborators showed their art on stage and none of them left anyone indifferent. Carmen Alcayde has emerged as the big winner of the edition However, what continues to raise a multitude of blisters is the camping that took place after the show. Miguel Frigenti, Victor Sandoval, Marta Lopez. Alonso Caparrós, Laura Fa, among many others, fully lived the experience of the festival and It has become disorder in the facilities of Fuencarral… And finally, we found out why Lydia Lozano made a smoke bomb.

They urinated on Carmen Borrego’s mattress, Alonso Caparrós played at the hottest time of the night taking a shower without clothes… But where was he? Lydia Lozano? The absence of the collaborator has been one of the most commented topics in recent days and once and for all what happened has been clarified. The journalist, tired of criticism, stepped forward to quell the rumors and explained the health setback for which she was unable to camp with her colleagues: nothing more and nothing less than the consequences of Covid.

The coronavirus has fully entered Mediaset and many celebrities could not avoid it, like Jorge Javier Vázquez who is out for at least two weeks. Lydia Lozano suffered the same bad luck as the presenter and spoke openly about the consequences caused by the virus, which is why she could not be 100% at ‘Mediafest’: “I didn’t come to work because I I’ve been bad, very bad. I’m not doing well after covid and my husband also has covid. For the people who said I was sitting at home thinking about things, I had a blockage of the diaphragm in the inspiratory phase, sequelae of Covid due to coughing, vomiting, etc.“, The collaborator began by explaining, making it clear that they have not been easy days at all.

lydia lozano

Lydia Lozano confirms in ‘Sálvame’ that she is suffering from post-Covid consequences.


Moreover, he wanted to clarify that he left the camp after having spoken with the producer beforehand: “I left the camp… I spoke with the producer, I must say, because I considered that I shouldn’t leave my husband alone. But there was a moment when I threw myself on the floor to make noise instead of snoring, and Alonso had to pick me up. They saw me with a face that said, ‘Lydia, we’re going to ask you for the taxi now’, she continued, detailing the moments of depression she experienced during the night.

María Patiño gave her partner a cape and wanted to ask about his state of mind, something Lydia didn’t hesitate to answer: “I was very exhausted and paid with Gema what I didn’t have to pay. Instead of blowing off steam, I was still mad at Matamoros and paid it off with her. I have already asked for forgiveness,” he concluded, publicly apologizing for the unfair behavior he had with Gema López for no reason.

lydia lozano

Lydia Lozano in “Save Me”.


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