La Pucela wins its first test

The Real Valladolid beat a combative Atlético Tordesillas in the first test of the preseason for both, a friendly game marked above all in the first half by the heat, which however was not an obstacle for Pacheta’s team to end up dominating the game and the Bulletin board. The pucelano team made their two goals come true in the home stretch, in which the locals saw their strength diminish and made more concessions.

The bone more than 40 degrees who marked the mercury caused a heavy leg start, also sponsored because it was the first match of the preparation of the two teams. As sometimes happens in these situations, almost surprised the lower category teamwith a shot from Federico in a foul, at eight minutes, which hit the crossbar and missed the gate of the dismissed Asenjo.

From the tenth minute, and despite the fact that Tordesillas embarrassed himself with very strong pressing at times when the ball came out, the Pucela began to have the leather and touching him frequently in the rival field, although without the ability to surprise beyond the attempts of Luis Pérez and young Garri. Thus, an action with a free kick, resolved in the first place by Javi Sánchez and Chuki’s rejectionended with a phantom goal little claimed by the blanquivioletas.

After the well-deserved break for hydration, Weissman had a head who went high and Iván Sánchez looked for the team on a direct free kick, after an excellent training. He came on in an attack that appeared to scramble the game, apparently preceded by another on Luis Pérez, although sportsmanship prevailed and blood did not reach the river. At the break, Pacheta’s side clearly dominated, despite the fact that Unai, above all, was worried about a few robberies by the locals. hit the goal Hugo Vallejoone of those occasions that appeared on the inside: he stepped on it and pinned the leather to the ground before striking, looking to adjust, but shooting high.

The second unit arranged by Real Valladolid came out unruly, with two attackers taking the place of one, one of them, the Arroyo youth team, who left several good contacts at the start. This promoted greater in-game speed, verified on one occasion by Arroyo himself or in paths attempts by Anuar o Waldo. The teenager gave up his place on the mat with 15 minutes to go to Sekou, and ‘the panther’ was the one responsible for breaking the tie. El Torde made a mistake when it came to kicking offside and the striker headed towards Farolo to define well and make it 0-1.

Tordesillano’s verve had by then diminished; Pucela dominated in the rival pack and took the ball in the final third, albeit with the usual lack of finesse on these dates. Anuar was a dagger down the right flank and Sergio León moved on the attacking front, although the bullets were clearly not reaching him. Behind the last line the arrivals follow one another and, after a filtered passage in this direction, Kike Pérez stood in front of Farolo and swooped him down to score the last goal. That couldn’t have been the case as a defensive error led to the referee awarding a David Torres penalty to the hosts as time was almost up. However, Abraham sent him high and the scoreboard didn’t budge.


Atletico Tordesillas: Álvaro; Fran, Omar, Cachuli, Abraham, Federico; Unai, Mongil, Cadaveira, Torres; and Samu. They also played: Farolo, Héctor, Camilo, Mateo, Matías, Alain, Miguel, Diego, Viti and Revuelta.
Real Valladolid: asenjo; Luispe, Javi S., El Yamiq, Garri; Roque, Aguado, Chuki; Ivan, Vallejo and Weissman. Aceves, Masip, Fresneda, Joaquín, Torres, Olaza, Anuar, Kike Pérez, Monchu, Waldo, Arroyo, Sergio León and Sekou also played.
Goals: 0-1, min. 77: Relief. 0-2, min. 86: Kike Perez.
Arbitrator: Gutierrez Garrote. He warned locals Federico and Torres.
Case : Las Salinas (Tordesillas), 1,000 spectators.

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