Jorge Pérez and Alicia Peña welcome their fourth child together

Happiness once again takes hold of the life of Jorge Pérez, winner of survivors 2020, and his wife, Alicia Peña Humada. The couple have welcomed their fourth child together and they are beyond thrilled. The collaborator shared on social networks a beautiful video of the moments after childbirth. The video shows the unforgettable moment of this first “skin to skin” of the mother with her son. Images that moved his more than 275,000 followers on Instagram.

“And the LIGHT was made… this day when you arrive with uncertainty, nervousness and excitement… and suddenly a cry gives way to joy, hope, jubilation and emotion… Unforgettable this first ‘skin to skin’ as they finish ‘prepping’ mum,” she wrote in the post. The former Civil Guard was the most excited, and in the pictures you can see the happy face seeing his baby with his wife.

Jorge Pérez in his wife's postpartum video

Jorge Pérez in his wife’s postpartum video

Instagram / jorgeperezdiez

Jorge also wanted to dedicate some kind words to his wife, for being the best life partner and the best mother. “Yes, you, Alicia, that Valkyrie arrived from Valhalla, you have shown (already) countless times how to overcome adversity, fight for what you believe in, and that seeing life in pink is possible when you give the best of yourself… THANK YOU for always being the price of my life”, wrote the collaborator of it’s already noon.

As the couple revealed, it is a boy, but at the moment the parents have not revealed the name, so we will have to wait to meet him. However, we have some clues, since the former survivor revealed that “in order not to break the tradition, we will continue with the initials MAR… of his brothers”. The baby will become the best playmate of his older brothers, called Mario, Martina and Marcos.

Last January, Jorge Pérez declared in the magazine The week that she was expecting her fourth child. “And so we announce that this family is growing! Very happy and lucky to be able to share with you that we are one more… we will become 7 (6 plus Laika) and the joy and emotion could not be greater in us … ¡Thank you Revista Semana for the love received and the fantastic day we spent in Palencia doing it!”, he said then.

This new arrival in the family is a breath of fresh air for Jorge, who is not living his best moment. Just a month and a half ago, the collaborator had to say goodbye to a pillar of his life, his father. “Your body is resting, but your soul is soaring. Bon voyage, dad,” he said on social media. The collaborator accompanied his remarks with a photograph where we see his hand holding that of his father.

“I have sung the famous ‘DEATH IS NOT THE END’ countless times not to believe with enough conviction that this is so. Enjoy your peace, dear father…we will meet again …”, he said a few days later. . The birth of her baby is a ray of light, which will surely help heal the open wounds of the former Civil Guard.

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