Investors maintain their bet on Twenix

There is talent and also those who decide to bet on it despite a context of uncertainty. Twenix, from Almería, which helps professionals and businesses break down the English communication barrier, has closed a new Series A funding round for €3.5 million, led by Brighteye, Europe’s leading fund of technological education, which has also invested in companies like Genially, ThePowerMBA or Ironhack. In this cycle, they also continued to offer their support to the JME project and to Inveready, in addition to different business angel. These investment funds have once again trusted and invested in Twenix after having participated in previous funding rounds, the last, of 2 million euros, last December in which Banco Sabadell also participated. The other two investment rounds that the Almeria company has successfully concluded were in 2020 with an amount of €335,000 and a million.

With this new impetus, the business strategywhich is celebrating its fifth anniversary and as recalled by Jorge Moreno, CEO of the firm, began with an investment of 10 euros for the purchase of the domain, goes through the strengthening of its position on the international market, focusing on its establishment in Italy where in just six months he has already managed to have more than 30 clients, to continue, later, in other European countries, as well as in continue the implementation and dissemination of its brand and develop its methodology and digital platform. Regarding the achievement of the last lap, Moreno underlines: “It is something very important, not in itself because of the money, but because of what it means, and that is that in times of uncertainty , investors continue to bet on Twenix because they continue to see great opportunity in the business language education sector.

The Almería company, which was forged in the facilities of El Cable, belonging to the Andalucía Open Future program (an initiative of the Junta de Andalucía and Telefónica), has offices in Almería and Madrid, although she also has part of her team spread across other Spanish regions such as Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Valencia. Twenix has a growing team specializing in education, production, administration and finance, sales and marketing; in a sense, if at the end of the year, only in internal staff, 55 people worked in the company, in six months of 2022 he added about fifteen to form a team of 70 professionals. Additionally, Twenix currently has more than 230 teachers from around the world, having tripled the number compared to June of the previous year and already, in the first half of the year alone, it has exceeded all the classes taught in 2021.

The company’s growth is also supported by its turnover, which in the first six months of the year has tripled compared to the same period of the previous year, reach the billing figure corresponding to 2021 in the first three months of the year alone.

The Twenix method is ultra-personalized and specific to each company according to its needs. In individual sessions of only 26 minutes 1to1, with teachers of different nationalities, Twenix teaches users to communicate in English through mini-courses focused on business issues that have been developed by the teaching team with high-level professionals from different sectors of the company. . They rely on strong technological development to customize each class according to the level and experience of the user. The student chooses the subjects he wants to learn according to his level of English and, thanks to this technology, he can reinforce and memorize the objectives and the mistakes made thanks to a personalized follow-up.

One of the novelties of the platform are the reservations llast minutelessons bookable 15 minutes in advance, “We want to give maximum flexibility to the user, who until now could book the sessions up to two hours in advance, which was very appreciated by them, but we wanted to go further. With reservations last minute You can take advantage of the time for your conversation in English that you had planned for another number which was finally canceled, for example”.

On the other hand, the firm will add a new service to its platform with which users will be able to access a library with various specialized contents strengthen other tools such as the listen there reading and value the results of the 1to1 courses. “It’s about closing the circle of learning. In the Twenix methodology, the importance is given by the Speaking and with the library, learning is complemented by content pills created by industry experts based on the user’s profile”.

Simple, personalized and flexible, some of its strengths

Twenix’s goal has always been clear. As Jorge Moreno, CEO of the company, points out, “With Twenix, we wanted to change the way of giving an English course to eliminate the fear of speaking this language. It has several strengths such as simplicity, in two clicks you have class; customization according to theme; the methodology that measures change; flexibility, since you can make a reservation up to 15 minutes in advance at any time of the day and any day of the week; and follow-up, so that the user integrates Twenix into his daily life”.

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