“I’m broken and in pieces”

    Ana Maria Aldon returns to his work and not without controversy. The designer once again set sail for the set of ‘Viva la vida’ after a controversial appearance in ‘Let yourself be loved’ with an interview with Toñi Moreno which left no one indifferent. And it is that the designer spoke about her psychological state confess that he thought about committing suicideor what sucks relationship with Gloria Camila for a few years. Now visibly fragile, the collaborator appeared on the show she collaborated on and did so from the hotel where Emma García went to pick her up before she arrived on the set of the show, answering questions from the presenter.

    Ana Maria Aldon and Emma Garcia


    One of the first questions was precisely why he didn’t pick up the phone during his “retirement”: “I can’t stand the sound of the phone,” he says. However, the creator wished to return to television after the imminent announcement of the possible cancellation of the program:My contract ended on June 30, but I wanted to continue. I’m broken and in pieces, but here I am. I had therapy for two and a half hours before the show,” added. A first meeting which will have been brief, but sufficient for Emma to show concern.

    After that, the presenter and collaborator turned to see each other on set, at which point Aldón confessed that he had been happy to see all his program companions again since “for a moment, I thought I would never see them again”.

    Sobre ello, Emma García le ha preguntado directamente cuál fue el detonante que la hizo llegar hasta el punto de querer rendirse: “Se colmó el vaso”, decía críptica Aldón quien añadía que “sabía que me iba a pasar esto porque el vaso estaba muy full”, “Things happen with outside agents that there comes a time when I say ‘I’m here’“, he added. A few words on which he repeated that “it has nothing to do with my husband” in the sense that he is not responsible for what is happening although he is involved.

    ana maria aldon in madrid


    Despite everything, Ana María has decided that although there is a crisis, there is no separation from her husband, but they support each other and that “there is no physical separation or any kind”. “What there must be is an eminent healing on my part. When someone falls ill, he recovers and puts all the means, and I do the same”, he assured. “I’m at the time when I have to take care of my mental health and I’m working on it; and the rest is not that I don’t care but that I know what my priority is.”

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