If You Want to Age, Stop Consuming These ‘Not So Healthy’ Beverages

Water is the most important drink for life. Also the healthiest. The human body is made up of up to 60% of this compound. And it is that the liquids ingested daily are essential to be able to carry out the most vital functions of the body.

While drinks like water or unsweetened teas offer many benefitsSince they promote long-term health, other liquids have the opposite effect. You must know these beverages that can drastically reduce your years of life.

Some are quite obvious but others will surprise you. It’s your turn to change your habits in favor of a longer, healthier and more sustainable life.



Alcohol is not good for health. Numerous studies have confirmed this for years. Despite this, many people continue to ignore limit of alcohol that one can drink before weakening the immune system.

Nearly one in 10 working-age adult deaths are due to uncontrolled alcohol consumptionas collected by Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention. As you see, this substance can prevent you from agingso think twice before gorging yourself.

consumption of alcohol has been linked to up to 6 different types of different cancers. Although this is not the only disease it can cause. Nail excessive consumption increases the risk of suffering from diseases heart disease, stroke, liver disease and other chronic conditions.


a soda

drink too much soft drinks can also shorten your life. The main reason: sugar. These drinks have high levels of added sugars which are directly harmful to health. drink soft drinks every day It has a very big impact on your body.

Sweets not only lack nutritional value, but also “are linked to multiple chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes“, he said Jennifer Bruningdietitian at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Yes don’t be fooled by “light” soft drinks because, despite a smaller amount of sugar, continue to transport harmful quantities if its consumption is abusive. These soft drinks are mistakenly considered the healthy alternative to conventional soft drinks. But they still have serious effects.

How much sugar is in each drink you consume daily?

Energy drinks

energy drink

Just like with soft drinks, energy drinks also contain a lot of sugar, since its purpose is to provide extra energy to the body. Even if you need that boost to get through the day you better look for other alternatives.

Energy drinks usually contain high amounts of sugar and caffeinesometimes even guarana, a substance that contains more caffeine, which increases its total content,” Bruning explained.

High doses of caffeine daily they can disturb your sleep, cause indigestion, tremors and other more serious problems. And it goes without saying what can cause the mix these drinks with alcohol: a real bomb for the body.

Coffee cream

doped coffee

There is a maximum recommended amount of coffee per day so as not to endanger your health. Although this drink so acclaimed by many is not the best for the body. Of course, it is better to have a coffee alone, to enjoy a coffee creamer with unhealthy fats.

As good as coffee may be with these types of additives, the inconvenience it has for the body is not worth it, or do you want to live fewer years? Its consumption is related to occurrence of various long-term illnesses: type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

10 tips for staying awake without caffeine, according to science

sweet tea

woman drinking matcha green tea

Some tea drinkers often add sugar to their cup to temper the bitter taste However, what they do could cost them years of life, as it increases the risk of certain health problems.

The bone numerous benefits of teawhich contains antioxidant compounds among other things, they can be darkened by added sugar.

An alternative to sweeten the taste of tea is add small pieces of fruitlet them sit for a few minutes for the flavor to stay, then remove them before consuming the drink.


Man preparing fruit juice

For many people, their morning glass of juice is a must. However, drinking fruit juice every day may not be so good for your health as believed, endangering a long life. Therefore it is important to take into account what are the fruits with less sugar.

The reason is related to the large amounts of sugar in it, especially bottled juices, which can increase the presence of this substance in the blood. There are some natural ways to lower blood sugar but it should not be abused either.

The best option recommended by experts is better to consume the whole fruit. At least give it priority. If you must take 3 servings of fruit a day, it is preferable that two of them are whole pieces and one in juice formaccording to Spanish Nutrition Foundation (SWAMP).

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