“I wouldn’t say I’m one hundred percent”

    Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz spoke to Sky Sports, giving a brief overview of what recent races have meant and how he approaches the second half of the year. Carlos is currently fourth in the drivers’ world championship, which puts him in last place among the luckiest with a single-seater with which to aspire to everything, however, the adaptation to the new concept and the mistakes of the brand in several senses weighed in on a Sainz who, for the first time, has that opportunity that every F1 driver dreams of.

    can still be improved

    Regarding this conversation for Sky, Carlos analyzed his current state, considering the following:I wouldn’t say I’m 100%. There is still room for improvement“, says the Madrilenian after several months in which we have still seen him several lengths behind his partner, although he has reduced the gap over the races.

    However, Carlos was also aware of this progress, since at the start of the season he showed frustration following a lack of agreement with the single-seater, which over the tests he was able to correct: “Monaco was a bit of a turning point. We were fighting for pole, like in Baku. in Canada we fight directly for victory”, Sainz establishes as a key moment of the year, when he overcame the retirement pothole, and for some reason cut 40 points from teammate Charles.

    back in the pothole

    This new and undeniable state of form -even if it cannot be denied that he has taken advantage of various fortuitous situations on more than one occasion-, arrived at a key moment of the season, in the middle of the championship, and with enough appointments on the horizon. so that the ’55’ dreams of everything.

    Unfortunately, the new retirement in Austria, due to a reliability error in the power unit of his Ferrari, not only compromised his career and that of the team – which could not achieve a double more than feasible -, but also put things upfront, facing the Spaniard’s aspirations for the rest of the season.

    The F1 world is beginning to consider it too late for Sainz to have a chance of being champion this year, who by points is closer to Mercedes than third-place Pérez. These doubts are accompanied by somewhat hurtful opinions such as that of Nico Rosberg, who estimated a month ago that Carlos did not have “champion material”.

    I understand those who say I’m not a driver to win the title with Ferrari because of the way the start of the season has been.“, continues Sainz, alluding to the panorama that has emerged after Austria and that the driver himself finds it difficult to turn around.

    But if you look at my last four or five seasons in F1, I have always reached my maximum in the second half of the World Cup.“Concludes the man from Ferrari, highlighting a statistic that has accompanied him throughout his career. According to which, the Madrilenian always offers much more in the second half than at the start, achieving real feats in moving up the general classification, as he did last year, when he prevailed on Leclerc and Norris.

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