How to find the cheapest gas stations in Cádiz? Consult a map in real time

Traveling by car has become almost a luxury today due to the high price of a liter of gasoline. The harsh reality is that the use of a private vehicle, in most situations, is not a whim. The pocket of the citizen is therefore doomed to support the continuous evolution of prices as it is.

Faced with this situation, it is no longer enough to go to the gas station of your life, the one that was on the way to work or at a loved one’s. now him driver is almost obliged to make a detailed study of the tariffs. Always looking for the maximum economic savings.

The fact is that finding a cheap gas station by searching the roadside is counterproductive, for the same turns would entail an unnecessary expenditure of petrol. In this context, the map of the cheapest gas stations in Spain made by Datadista takes on a lot of value

Check in real time the cheapest gas stations in Cádiz

He is shows the map in real time a complete image of the Iberian Peninsula with many dots, each corresponding to a gas station. At the top, there is also the possibility of filtering according to the essence that interests the consumer.

This complete card gives the possibility of select specific points in the province of Cádiz to know the price of gasoline live. Of course, it must be taken into account that the amounts indicated on this page do not benefit from the government reduction applied.

Also, in the the data displayed by this application also shows the hours of the establishment and the time of the last update. Therefore, it is extremely useful to keep this map as a daily tool whenever you need to go to refuel.

The cheapest gas stations in the capital Cádiz

In a query made at noon on July 15, these are the lowest prices found on the Datadista map.

  • Petrol 95 E5: €1,979/litre at Petrol & Go, in C/Castellar de la Frontera, 4.
  • Petrol 98 E5: €2,139/litre at Repsol service stations in Cadiz.
  • Diesel A: €1.90/litre at Petrol & Go, in C/Castellar de la Frontera, 4.

The Cheapest Gas Stations in San Fernando

  • Petrol 95 E5: €1,787/litre at Plenoil service stations.
  • Petrol 98 E5: €2,191/litre at BP service stations in San Fernando.
  • Gasoline A: €1,765/litre at Plenoil.

The cheapest gas stations in Chiclana

  • Petrol 95 E5: €1.94/litre at Petroprix and Ballenoil service stations.
  • Petrol 98 E5: €2,139/litre at an Easyfuel service station.
  • Diesel A: €1,869/litre at Petroprix and Ballenoil.
  • Gasoline B: €1,679/litre at Cepsa.

The cheapest gas stations in El Puerto de Santa María

  • Petrol 95 E5: €1,939/litre at the Q8Easy service station.
  • Petrol 98 E5: €2,139/litre at Shell service stations.
  • Diesel A: €1,899/litre at Petroprix, Ballenoil, Asc Carburantes, Q8Easy, GM Oil and Petrol&Go service stations.

Cheapest gas stations in Jerez

  • Petrol 95 E5: €1,987/litre at Ballenoil service stations.
  • Petrol 98 E5: €2,099/litre at the Tamoil service station.
  • Gasoline A: €1,919/litre at Ballenoil.
  • Diesel B: €1,593/litre.

Although the most advisable thing to answer the query well is to access this website a few minutes before filling the gas tank to get the most up-to-date information possible.

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